Youthstream/MXGP – Brand Manufacturers -Is the circle round?

Youthstream/MXGP – Brand Manufacturers -Is the circle round?

Fact: Brand Manufacturers gain huge traction at FIM World Motocross Championship, FIM Monster Energy Supercross and FIM AMA Pro Outdoors Championship Series.

The Brand/Team/Rider affiliation racing World MX Championships in either Europe or USA utilizes corresponding Series to promote Manufacturers profile, Team/Rider credibility and endorsement of quality product spearheading growth of public awareness of Brand/Manufacturer entity.

Correspondingly, Youthstream/MXGP has transformed World Motocross Championship Series to unprecedented levels of global reach with the premier FIM MXGP Series covering 4 continents and 17 countries, statistics for 2017.

WMX Indonesia 2017 Photo Credit: MXGP

WMX Indonesia 2017 Photo Credit: MXGP

Specifically, from Youthstream’s founding 2001 operations, MXGP now broadcasts Live to 64 countries along with 180 nations receiving TV coverage through-out the MXGP season. All of which provides valued sponsorship exposure for 7 leading Brand Motorcycle Manufacturers and subsidary endorsed Motorsport companies.

Youthstream’s marketing strategy to incorporate global nations within the coveted FIM World MX Championship Series, through visual Media platforms and forging Partners outside Europe has returned advantageous benefits as noted a ‘true World MX Championship’, along with increased global exposure for Motorcycle Brands.

What has occurred within the World Motocross Championship global reach is synchronised value of hosting MXGP Round in emerging economies with heavy per capita demand for motorcycle sales.

Indirectly, the consequence of Indonesia hosting MXGP Round 2017 swung the financial pendulum towards Brand/Manufacturers creating a double whamy- not only ‘what wins on Sunday sells on Monday’, together with ‘no better exposure for marketing bike sales than racing in Nations where demand outstrips supply’.

Within this perspective the win-win situation Youthstream has provided for Brand/Team/Manufacturer/Rider through promotional platforms within World Motocross Championships has inadvertently shifted to indirect marketing of Motorcycle sales.

Re-centring of the pendulum is needed, for the benefit of MXGP, MX2, WMX and EMX riders, present and future.

Words: Sharon Cox






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