2021 Women Motocross World Championship: Profile Kiara Fontanesi

2021 Women Motocross World Championship: Profile Kiara Fontanesi

2021 Women Motocross World Championship: Kiara Fontanesi holds historical record of winning 6x WMX Championship Titles in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018. Having raced debut WMX Championship in 2009, Kiara currently competes in her 12th edition of FIM Women Motocross World Championship standing 2nd Overall.

Kiara Fontanesi WMX Round 4 Turkey Photo Credit: MXGP

Making the courageous decision to return to race WMX Championship in 2020, post birth of daughter Skyler, Kiara rose to each and every challenge presented to compete at World MX Championship level. Crucial to Kiara’s planning of preparation to race at her absolute best has been the Italian’s mental fortitude of self-belief that successful results were possible.

From finishing 2020 WMX Championship Overall in 4th position, Kiara has produced phenomenal show of speed, consistency, physical endurance and tactical race-craft to ramp up levels of competitiveness on the track. Results of 7th in Round 1 at Loket, to 2nd at Round 2 at Lommel, to 2nd at Round 3 at Turkey and taking the win at Round 4 in double header at Turkey confirms the Italian 6x WMX Champion remains force to be reckoned with for taking another Title.

So, how does the noted alumni recipient of Italy’s Fiamme Oro for highest achieving athletes sustain such formidable drive, passion, commitment and determination to taste victory in a sport so physically, mentally and technically challenging on and off track?

Kiara Fontanesi training 2018 Photo Credit: James Bennell

Having spent time with Kiara at her home in Parma in 2017 and 2018, with mere couple of interviews at WMX GP’s in 2016, strength of character coupled with strong belief on what is most important to her remains grounding force for achieving any goals Kiara sets her mind on.

For sure, pressure was factor on how Kiara responded to all demands of juggling training, racing, sponsorship requirements, Media engagements, and pre-post racing de-briefs all the while keeping her own values uppermost on list of ‘who comes first’.

Such day-to-day sorting out schedules- given Kiara had previously won number of WMX Titles and still loved to race- meant experiencing huge learning curves to enable making decisions on life/career path. With family paramount in Kiara’s life, support, loyalty, trust, and absolute backing regardless of results enabled #8 to further pursue racing to present day.

With 2 Rounds remaining: Spain on October 17th and Final Round at Trentino on October 24, all will be on the line at gate-drop. Yes, Kiara has all capabilities to win the Title. Yes, Kiara has actioned all preparations to reach goal again. And yes, Kiara- Mum, wife, daughter and sister has done all this with family and close friends by her side.

Header Photo: Kiara Fontanesi WMX Round 4 Turkey Photo Credit: thibaultphotography.

Words: Sharon Cox.


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