Audrey Rossat flies into 2022 Dakar Rally week 2- what were Stages 1-6 like for the French rider?

Audrey Rossat flies into 2022 Dakar Rally week 2- what were Stages 1-6 like for the French rider?

Audrey Rossat flies into 2022 Dakar Rally week 2 having completed Stages 1-6, currently ranked 110th place in General classification. Putting in solid performances through-out the first week, Audrey stands proud in the fact that she ‘did not fall once’, after clocking 32 hours, 33 minutes and 23 seconds on the bike by end of Stage 7.

Audrey Rossat racing 2022 Dakar Rally currently ranked 110th Overall. Image ASO.

For Audrey, the journey to race Dakar for 2nd consecutive year has been challenging. Having made debut entry in 2021 Dakar, Audrey was not at all sure if she wanted to repeat this monster of a race. Despite questions that remained unanswered, the first female French rider to race Dakar in 15 years faced the challenges head on surrounded by supportive Team, family and friends.

Did Audrey need a push to get going? Hardly. The determined and accomplished French Enduro Champion in 2009 and 2010 along with European Champion in 2014 possessed the deep desire to race and beat the uncompromising challenges of finishing The Dakar.

Audrey: ‘I had a lot of fun riding in the sand during the early Stages of the Rally. I also really enjoyed the trial-like riding on rocky sections. I think my bike is ideal in these parts. Compared to last year I have completely revised my suspension and shock preparation. This makes me more comfortable in the fast sections. Overall I have a better pace and haven’t made any big mistakes. In fact, over 6 days of racing I have zero falls!

Audrey Rossat 2022 Dakar Rally journey begins January 1st to January 14th. Image Team.

Consistently pulling in results over Stages 1-7 of: 126th, 116th, 115th, 119th, 111th, and 116th at end of Stage 7, Audrey has maintained upward trajectory in rankings- a feat in itself in field of 131 Bike competitors with already 13 withdrawals from class. For certain, Audrey admits the physical toll of racing long days is real- her body is sore, especially thumb and hands- mind-set remains firmly positive to achieve overall goal of making it to Final Stage 12 finish.

Audrey: ‘My goal is to come home as early as possible each day to have the best recovery. To take care of my motorbike on the course so as not to have to do mechanical work back at bivouac which would be my weak point. I ride with a big margin so as not to take any risks and connect the finish every day’.

‘The ultimate goal remains the finisher’s medal’.

2022 Dakar Rally Stage 8 – the longest Stage from Al Dawadimi to Wadi Ad Dawasir total of 830kms with 395kms timed, January 10th.

Header Photo Audrey Rossat Stage 6. Image ASO.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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