Catie Munnings shares her thoughts on racing Extreme E – The Electric Odyssey 2021

Catie Munnings shares her thoughts on racing Extreme E – The Electric Odyssey 2021

Catie Munnings steps into new era on Motorsport, competing in up-coming Extreme E – The Electric Odyssey Series with opening Round in Al-‘Ula in Saudi Arabia on 20-21st March 2021. Racing with Andretti United Extreme E, Catie enters the 5 Round Series along-side paired driver Timmy Hanson fueled by passion and commitment to bring about sustainable racing and gender equality into the future.

Catie Munnings and paired driver Timmy Hanson racing under Andretti United Extreme E Photo Credit: Extreme E.

Embracing such a new racing initiative comes with encountering the unknown, with questions arising on the performance of the Series all electric Odyssey 21 E-SUV’s within short race formats which include driver change at strategic part of race. Equally, uncertain are the results.

A stellar line-up of Motorsport powerhouses have entered the first Extreme E Series, marching to the beat of remaining inclusive to the needs of initiating sustainable practices within Motorsport racing, while at the same time levelling the gender balance of one male and one female per Team.

Catie: ‘Extreme E is not only top level racing; the driver line up looks like a race of champions entry list! It is also raising awareness for climate change, and then actually implements change with legacy programme’s in each location. We’re racing in the Amazon, Greenland, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Senegal – each have very unique environments and messages and I’m really excited to be on the ground and involved with this side too’.

Having risen through the ranks of Rally racing from an early age, Catie was just 18 years old when she won the European Rally Championship Ladies Trophy in 2016. By 2020, Catie entered her first World Rally Championship placing the likeable Brit amongst the best female Rally drivers in the world. So, what does Extreme E hold for Munnings?

Catie: ‘I love the fact that it’s a completely new Championship for every team and every driver. Not to mention the locations; I can’t imagine many people have even been to some of these locations – they’re so remote!! The racing will be very interesting, pure motorsport – with possibly lots of different outcomes – we don’t know who will be fast yet, will it suit the rally drivers, the RX drivers, the single seat drivers etc. that’s what makes this Championship so exciting’.

Andretti United Extreme E launch Photo Credit: Extreme E

Most significantly, Extreme E tackles massive issues which permeate today’s world within one Series. As a notable driver remarked, traditional forms of racing require anywhere between 10 sets of tyres used in a weekend. Racing Extreme E, we are allowed 10 sets for the entire Series.

Equally, racing all electric vehicles, powered by hydrogen cell technology really pushes out the reduction of carbon emissions from racing. All the while addressing gender balance within Teams, which not elevates the credibility that these amazing female drivers bring to each race, but also allows for cross-over of drivers from Rally, 2-4 wheel racing along with single-seater drivers, all capable of holding their own during racing.

Catie: ‘I’m very proud to be involved with XE from the beginning – It’s a journey we’re all going on together and one that we will tell our grand kids about. The gender equality speaks for itself, and the fact that it’s in everyone’s interest for the females to be fast, as well as being on the start line is just incredible’.

Extreme E – The Electric Odyssey Round One at Al-‘Ula, Saudi Arabia on 3-4 April, 2021.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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