Christine Giampaoli Zonca competes in Extreme E Series with Hispano Suiza Xite Energy Team- setting the stage for exciting racing!

Christine Giampaoli Zonca competes in Extreme E Series with Hispano Suiza Xite Energy Team- setting the stage for exciting racing!

Christine Giampaoli Zonca embraces the opportunity to compete in up-coming Extreme E- The Electric Odyssey with all enthusiasm, excitement and love for being behind the wheel which has been ingrained in Christine’s character through-out her whole life. It is not just the thought of racing an innovative Motorsport event which combines sustainable mobility, gender equality and climate change, Christine holds these principles of ethics within her own sense of persona.

Christine Giampaoli 2014 at home in Canary Islands after opening her own Car-Mechanics shop.

Take a look back some 7 years. Driven by self-belief, curiosity and dogged determination, Christine ventured into realms barley trodden by young girls growing up on Canary Islands, to get into a racing car. Why? How? Where? All these questions were tucked away in other people’s minds- not Christine’s!

And from here, Christine made it happen. From opening her very first Mechanical shop, to building her very first rally car, to racing and winning on home soil, to then be invited to join a Spanish all-female racing project far from home. By 2016, Christine made her debut in World Rally Championship (WRC) at Rally de Catalunya as a member of the first all-female Rally Team. The same year, Christine won the Women’s category of the Spanish Gravel Rally Championship.

When speaking with Christine on how she came to make each step happen and count towards upward trajectory of pursuing racing career, there is no hint of ‘why am I doing this?’ Yet, circumstances were far from ideal. For a start, Christine slept in the Spanish Team’s workshop/garage for 2 months until it was time to move on. Next, gaining budgets to race was new formula the tenacious Italian/Canary Islands compatriot had to grapple with, not easy in male orientated Motorsport world.

For sure, Christine never shied away from such challenges. If anything, it was like red rag to a bull (the feminine version…) as she changed gears from Rally to Off Road, competing in first Baja 500 in America. That takes alotta courage. By 2017, Christine achieved 7th Overall racing Pro UTV Turbo category within the infamous Baja 1000 in Mexico.

Christine Giampaoli Baja 500 2019.

Many facets of Christine’s personality shine through when speaking face to face. #1 Christine shares her thoughts with so much energy, warmth and genuine feeling of passion in letting viewers know what her race life is about. #2 Racing is in her blood, literally. The sheer versatility and adaptability that Christine has shown when racing out of her comfort zone speaks volumes on how this driver will handle racing Extreme E Series.

So, what are her thoughts on racing Extreme E Odyssey 21-E vehicles? Christine marvels at her involvement as pioneers of Extreme E Series concept- revolutionizing the future of racing. Not only proving that racing can have less of an impact on the terrain covered during a race while at the same time creating more of an impact on raising global awareness of sustainable mobility.

Along-side Hispano Suiza Xite Energy Team driver Oliver Bennett, Christine proves formidable driver, ambassador and competitor for such an innovative event. It will definitely be game-changing moment when start lights go green, and we all get to witness the tenacity, verve and passion Christine brings to the race track, founded on sense of self-belief, confidence and deep desire to race.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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