Dakar Rally Stage 3 completed- Women most inspiring acts of humility amid race conditions

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Dakar Rally Stage 3 is completed with the most amazing acts of humility from Women competitors towards riders in trouble.

Nowhere does one witness the sheer spirit of what it is like to race Dakar. It is not just a mammoth endurance World Rally to gain rankings, the Dakar is the height of human gratitude to race such an event and support each other. No Nationality, no gender, no category of riders, drivers and racers are exempt from the Dakar test. All embrace what it takes to make it through each and every day/Stage through spirit of comradeship to fellow competitors.

Laia Sanz Stage 3 Overall 32nd Photo Credit: Laia

And such was seen today in Stage 3- Neom to Neom, total of 504 kms raced with 427 kms timed. Bike category rider Mirjam Pol kept apace in early part of Stage 3 until making a decision to help team-mate who had fallen victim to mechanical problems. Stopping, and giving the rider her satellite phone, Mirjam then proceeded albeit interrupted.

Mirjam: ‘Just before the second fuel, I helped a team-mate with technical problems. And that went far from smooth. I decided to leave my satellite phone with him. I lost so much time here, because I wanted to help’.

Out of rhythm, looking for way-points, falling down- then steam cancelled, head empty and on to the day of tomorrow’. Finished 94th.

Notwithstanding Fernanda Kanno and co-driver Alonso Carillo’s performance yesterday finishing before dark, Stage 3 proved challenging for the Peruvian pair- but they are racing for more than just table standings. With heart, soul and humble gratitude on display, Fernanda and Alonso’s last leg of Stage 3 driving in darkness proved just what an exhausted Bike category ‘Original by Motul’ rider needed.

Fernanda: ‘Our third day of @dakarrally we have had a lot of stone again, land and fed up sand… today’s special was more than 400 kilometers. Almost at the end we met a biker who is running In Original, the hardest category of the Dakar, without assistance. He was very exhausted, so we accompany him very slowly to the finish and from there to the camp- because this is the Dakar. Among all we help, because we all want to finish it and no one comes here to give up 💪. Tomorrow Amos for one more stage 💪’.

Taye Perry Stage 3 Overall 68th Photo Credit: Taye

Stage 3 game-changers were aplenty with Bike category Women’s leader Laia Sanz appreciative that her hip didn’t hurt as much as expected. Making up for lost time, Laia recounts: ‘I’m happy to have arrived to the finish without any problems, even with a broken trip due to yesterday’s crash’.

‘My hip hurt less than expected today, but starting from the back because of yesterday’s position, I swallowed a lot of dust. I even stopped a few times on the fast tracks because I couldn’t see anything. The most important thing is that I didn’t lose as much time as I thought I would’.

South African rookie Taye Perry made tremendous strides up rankings finishing 68th position despite unwell with cold-flu symptoms. Being so in comfort zone racing new terrain, Taye really has come into her own against seasoned competitors showing self-confident sense of maturity on bike.

Taye Perry: ‘Despite the cold, I was having loads of fun out on both the sandy and highly rocky terrains that changed constantly… canyons, mountains, plains, flats, river beds, out of this world… my navigation is better than ever, especially when I make passes and get into clear air… I had a few crashes today. Once clipping the wrong rock in a churned up sandy section. And again in a mountain pass where traction was zero and the sea of rocks just rolled everywhere… but crashing, too, can be a skill! Haha. And I like to think I control my situations well 😉’.

Kirsten Landman came in with consistent performance standing 75th Overall along with Sara Garcia-only female ‘Original by Motul’ competitor pushing further within 5 hours- 28 minutes- 38 seconds to finish the day in 88th position.

Kirsten Landman Stage 3 Overall standing Bike category 75th Photo Credit: ASO

Kirsten: ‘Thumbs up for a good day on the bike 👍 Stage 3 was really long but my favorite day so far. The riding was really cool and we rode through some amazing scenery. All ready and prepped for stage 4. Over 600kms in total with another really long special stage. Same goal – Smooth, safe, good navigation and consistent’.

Sara: ‘Third phase passed! 👉 Today the rear tank has had a small crack in a fall but we have already repaired it & with a change of wheels it already touched 💨 

‘Of the 427 km of special and 77 of liaison, the first two parts of the specialty became relatively short, each of about 15km with incredible landscapes💥

‘A lot of sand & stones that have made us sweat quite a bit by finishing the third phase of this Dakar Rally 2020, exhausted but ready to hit the fourth stage💪 👉 Modifications made in the Roadbook and now directly recover for this adventure continues tomorrow😴

Car category driver Cristina Gutierrez and co-driver Pablo Moreno encountered difficulties with electrics coming in 51st with Fernanda Kanno and Alonso Carillo finishing in 67th position.

Cristina: ‘Complicated stage. We continue with electronic problems and it is affecting us to the power of the car. The team will do everything possible to save it during tonight so patience, the dakar has days like this. We will keep fighting 💪. 

SSV dynamo duo Camelia Liparoti and Annett Fischer picked up 2 places to finish 31st racing for 6 hours- 34 minutes- 24 seconds in vehicle- the only Women in this class.

Dakar Rally Stage 4: Neom to Al-Ula 672 kms 543 kms timed.

Header Photo Mirjam Pol Stage 3 Photo Credit: ASO Film edit: Fernanda Kanno and Alonso Carillo: Car.

Words: Sharon Cox.

Posted by Fernanda Kanno Garcia on Tuesday, 7 January 2020

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