Extreme E Round 2 Ocean X Prix at Senegal this weekend- sustainable racing while mitigating effects of climate change

Extreme E Round 2 Ocean X Prix at Senegal this weekend- sustainable racing while mitigating effects of climate change

Extreme E Round 2 Ocean X Prix heads to Senegal this weekend – catapulting sustainable racing while mitigating effects of climate change on the region of Lac Rose in Senegal, on the west coast of South Africa.

Extreme E Desert X Prix Team Xite Energy Racing.

Founded on mission to further development of all-electric racing, Extreme E actioned principles of gender equality within 9 Teams competing in 5 Round Series. Rules state one female and one male driver per Team enter Qualifying sessions, to progress to 2 Semi-Finals, with Round 2 having 4 cars go through to Final Race.

Race action at Round 1, Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia produced all excitement, anticipation and ‘true-to-track-action’ heart in mouth moments with top honors awarded to Rosberg X Racing Team, drivers Molly Taylor and Johan Kristoffersson.

Hard on wheels of RXR stands Lewis Hamilton’s Team X44 with drivers Cristina Guteirrez and Sebastien Loeb on 30 points Overall and Andretti United Team drivers Catie Munnings and Timmy Hanson 3rd on 28 points.

With opportunities to make-or-break time, particularly at switch-over of drivers after lap completed, 4th placed Acciona Sainz XE Team with drivers Laia Sanz and Carlos Sainz will be looking to perfect race strategy. And so to will 5th placed Team Xite Energy Racing with the always exuberant Christine Giampaoli Zonca and partner driver Oliver Bennett behind the wheel.

With Jenson Button making decision to replace himself as driver for JBXE Team, with Kevin Hanson, paired driver Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky will have her work cut-out to sync with different duo. For certain, Mikaela has plenty of experience of adaptability on the track with additional knowledge as test driver for the Series founding partner Continental.

Extreme E X44 Team standing 2nd Overall heading into Round 2 Ocean X Prix.

Out for redemption for mistakes made at Round 1 will be Teams standing in 7th, 8th and 9th Overall. Thanks goodness ABT Cupra XE driver Claudia Hurtgen managed to walk away from roll-over-x2 at Desert X Prix and let’s hope Segi Ganassi Racing drivers Sara Price and Kyle Leduc have better luck on track.

Most anticipated watch-time has to be getting British F3 driver Jamie Chadwick out on track with paired driver Stephane Sarrazin under Veloce Racing, given combined skills and race-craft would certainly mix results up on points table.

Having already supported Senegal populace fight against climate change- by planting mangrove seedlings over past few days, Extreme E Teams, drivers, crew, and personal are ready-set-go for race action in Ocean X Prix this weekend.

Header Photo: Extreme E Ocean X Prix, May 29-30.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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