How did Extreme E deliver racing to global audience through sustainable use of technology?

How did Extreme E deliver racing to global audience through sustainable use of technology?

How did Extreme E Round One deliver racing to global audience through sustainable use of technology while at same time provoking thought on how Motorsport will be actioned in the future?

Extreme E Rosberg X Racing winner of Desert X Prix. Photo Credit: Extreme E.

Straight up- #1 tacking challenging task of executing green technology of racing at highest possible level in direct contrast to traditional die-hard Motorsport fans experience of burning fuel, rubber and fumes, is a game changer.

#2 9 Teams with 2 drivers a piece worked and raced like everything was on the line. From taking part in spreading the message that rising sea temperatures and fishing affects the survival of green sea turtles to navigating the Series all electric Odyssey 21 SUV’s over tricky, sandy terrain netted respected following.

#3 Delivering race performances over 2 consecutive laps per Qualifying sessions, Semi-Final and Final required such skilled race-craft, maintaining of speed, along with synchronized driver-Team work only seen at elite professional Motorsport events.

#4 Gender balance of drivers confirmed ‘when you put on a helmet, it doesn’t matter which gender you are, it comes down to performance behind the wheel’. All drivers produced what Motorsport racing is all about- heart stopping moments of ‘how did he/she do that? – who will rise under pressure? – and how will racing play out to the final flag?

#5 Utilizing Extreme E Series as platform to amalgamate use of green technology in an automobile as pathway for Race to Road manufacture of all electric cars – with SUV’s being popular form of transport- is ingenious. Not only does The Electric Odyssey provide a platform for companies whose premise rests on further development of all electric car sales, but also brings together like-minded people from all corners of the world to embrace racing of the future.

Extreme E Teams Desert X Prix Photo Credit: Extreme E.

#6 To embrace how Motorsport can provide tools and resources on tackling reduction of carbon emissions within locations which have been dramatically affected by climate change puts the onus on ‘how we can all do our part’ in making the planet better for generations to come. Such a mission statement has not only been embraced and supported by the world’s best Motorsport athletes but also actioned on track. That has to be celebrated.

Extreme E Championship standings Overall: Rosberg X Racing 1st, X44 2nd and Andretti United 3rd.

Extreme E Ocean X Prix, Senegal, may 29-30th. Header photo: Team X44 Desert X Prix.

Words: Sharon Cox.


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