How to Measure a Motocross Athletes ROI (Return on Investment)

How to Measure a Motocross Athletes ROI (Return on Investment)

Motocross athletes return on investment follows the traditional path of Brand exposure followed by gear sponsors and product endorsements.

Typically, racing including pre-during and post track-time promotes the rider, the bike, clothing and gear worn to the public, fans and the media.

Media reports, rider interviews, photographs and films all capture a rider’s performance backed by industry providers within Pro/Amateur Team set-ups.

Photo Credit: mxphotos

Photo Credit: mxphotos

The norm on return of investment for industry is measured by rider’s results which prompts Media interest, online and social media following generating views per click.

More than this, views per click online: websites, facebook, twitter or film creates statistics on a rider’s public following, fan-base and depth of exposure world-wide.

In terms of every industry dollar spent on Professional Motocross athlete ROI remains relative to ‘only as good as a rider’s last result’ within the short duration of the rapid turn-over of the sports latest news.

Which makes the real worth of the MX rider- the value of his or her character performing on the track outside any measure relied on by industry- online, track-side or fan-based.

All time, and most likely never repeated 10 times World Motocross Champion Stefan Everts winning 101 GP’s achieved success on the stature of the person he is.

USA’s Ricky Carmichael was named ‘The Goat: The Greatest of All Time’ for his incredible MX career clocking up an unsurpassed multitude of continuous SX/AMA wins for over a decade racing dirt.

Quote: ‘”Champions are made from something deep inside them- a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill”‘.

As it was for MXGP rider racing from 30th to 5th in Round 9 at Talavera de la Reina Spain last weekend- Romain Febvre Race 2.

Analysis of statistics with the encompassing impact technology has on our lives should not remove the true worth of the athlete producing the results.

The character, persona that marks an individual athlete from the rest is by far the greatest measure for each and every industry seeking ROI from their sponsored athlete. Rider before Brands.

Words: Sharon Cox

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