Jordan Jarvis achieves milestones in racing AMA SX, WMX and AMA Pro 250

Jordan Jarvis achieves milestones in racing AMA SX, WMX and AMA Pro 250

Jordan Jarvis has ticked big boxes this year, achieving long-realized goals to gain AMA SX license, compete in WMX in Europe and gain entry to race AMA Pro Outdoors 250. That’s quite a bucket list full-filled in what has been most turbulent year of racing world-wide.

Jordan Jarvis SX Futures Glendale Round Photo Credit: Jordan

Suffice to say, Jordan’s career defining achievements speak volumes on her strength of character, her ability to focus then re-set when changes occur and her deep drive to succeed levels of satisfaction on and off track.

Take the past 10 months. Jordan entered AMA SX Futures with objective to gain vital points of entry to race as Pro. Leading the Women’s SX class in Opening Rounds, opportunity to race in Women MX World Championship Opening Round in March was there for the taking.

Switching up gears, Jordan raced WMX Round One at Matterley Basin- first time in UK, first time on bike, first time against line-up of world’s best Women racers. What stood out? Jordan: ‘the level of professional support WMX receive. To race surrounded by the best Women rider’s was an awesome experience and one I want to repeat in near future’.

Then COVID. And all that meant to racing in USA- SX Futures Rounds cancelled, AMA Pro Outdoors put on hold, and even Loretta Lynn’s up in air. Hard knocks to deal with, especially given America’s WMX Championship had been cancelled completely from 2018, and reduced to Amateur status at Loretta’s.

Jordan re-focused, devised basic plan of maintaining training for ‘in case’ race schedules opened up. And they did. And so did good news. Only recently, was Jordan advised that she had gained credible points for SX license! As Jordan states: ‘racing SX is hard, alot harder than Outdoors as there is no room for error. Tight tracks, shortened lap-times, only 22 on the start-line makes for challenging task to make it through even from LCQ’s’.

Jordan Jarvis Photo Courtesy FOX MX21 JJ Unplugged film shoot.

With AMA Pro Outdoors resumed, Jordan faced next mountain of task, to gain cut for 250 Main. To sit and wait to see if LCQ lap-times in respective order would slide through to line-up on start for 250 Main, Round after Round is tough going. The wait and see, to be disappointed, go back home, sustain motivation to do it all again following week takes some stamina. And self-belief.

No matter if Jordan has the staying power that many desire, no matter if the 19 year old butts against all odds to race in America’s prestigious National Series, and no matter if Jordan is the only female racing 250 Main- #30 was victorious.

It was at WW Ranch, Florida few weeks back where Jordan succeeded making the cut through alternate selection to race 250 Main, which she then repeated in solid performance finishing inside top 30 at Final AMA Pro Outdoors Round at Pala last weekend.

Massive year with huge goals met. Full credit, admiration and respect goes to Jordan for making plans happen in real terms within circumstances beyond perfect. What’s next? Plenty! It would be fair to say eyes are now watching for next move that Jarvis will make, yet more importantly Jordan remains in control of her own career path, one that will succeed for many years to come.

Words: Sharon Cox.


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