Kiara Fontanesi racing WMX as a rider and Mum- making history too!

Kiara Fontanesi racing WMX as a rider and Mum- making history too!

Kiara Fontanesi 6x Women Motocross World Champion competes as a rider and Mum- making history as first ever female athlete to race at World MX level with daughter watching track-side. Having raced 2020 WMX Championship as newbie Mum after taking previous season out for birth of Skyler, Kiara entered 2021 WMX Round One at MXGP of Czech Republic with all preparations ready to do battle on track.

Kiara Fontanesi WMX Round One MXGP of Czech Republic Photo Credit: MXGP

With plenty to aim for, like wanting to deliver best possible performance over tightly packed race schedule, Kiara nailed goals. Qualifying 2nd with best lap time of 1.52.701, the GASGAS rider was mere 0.263 from pole sitter Courtney Duncan on 1.52.438 heading into Race 1. Not everything went to plan, R1 became mixed up affair with Kiara getting caught with another rider at first corner and making hard work to recover and pass up to 6th.

Race 2 start was better with Kiara moving to 2nd before entanglement with another rider meant bent wheel- and instant call to make pit line where as Kiara says: ‘stopped at pit lane and somehow my brother straightens my tyre’. Recovery was tackled with the Italian finishing 7th Overall in points.

Breaking down the juggle- between focusing on racing with caring for Skyler – means making decisions. Does Kaira take step back from having daughter with her 24/7 and focus on ‘being ready to race’ or, does #8 continue what is most important to her having family and close friends in complete WMX experience? The call to have Skyler, husband-Devi, Mum, Dad and brother Luca at her side is as much part of her sporting career as winning 6 WMX Titles.

Having made all decisions, there remains the mental challenge of switching from most important side of life to individual rider racing full-grid of 40 riders at speed of 50kms/p/h. Racing hard pack track with changes of elevations, square edged bumps and slippery surfaces comes down to each rider managing race performance from gate drop to chequered. Good thing, Kiara has super ability to rise to each challenge making most of her talent and experience not to mention ‘never give up attitude’.

Kiara Fontanesi racing at Sardinia in July. Photo Credit: Kiara.

Yet a rider and Mum needs more than turn mental switch on to race mode. There are real risks racing WMX, and there are family watching track-side wanting to enjoy post racing daily life together. That’s the rub- how far does Kiara push to achieve her goals of standing on podium while at same time fulfilling all responsibilities as a Mum?

For sure, the answer lies in fact that no-one else has been able to take on such a commitment. No other female has pursued love of racing Motocross which includes being with her daughter and family pre-during and post racing. And, no other rider knows what that whole experience is like, except Kiara.

As role model, as inspiration to females young to older, Kiara shines light on how to take bravery, courage and determination to next level. Salute Kiara!

Header Photo: Kiara Fontanesi WMX Round One Photo Credit: Thibault Photography

Words: Sharon Cox.

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