Kiara Fontanesi- truly remarkable journey in under 12 months- WMX Champion 6x- birth of Skyler- lining up for 2020 WMX this weekend

It is pure inspiration when you take a look at what Kiara Fontanesi has set her mind on over past 12 months. Winning Women Motocross World Championship at end of 2018, Kiara then embarked on journey of pregnancy and birth of Skyler in November 2019, and now lines up to compete in 2020 WMX this weekend.

Kiara Fontanesi with Skyler 2020 Photo Credit: Kiara

How does anyone achieve that! No-one has before, and odds are, only very few Women would take up such a challenge as to give birth and be ready to race at World level within 3 months.

Yet, Kiara is rare female with poise of grace to pursue her career winning 6x Women MX World Championship Titles while at same time giving and receiving all love to family, friends and people whose loyalty to her have spanned many years.

With true sense of self and independence, Kiara has pursued deep passion to race at highest level against world’s best women riders affirming role model to many aspiring young females that determining a goal and achieving it- is possible with right mind-set, courage and conviction.

Given such strength of character, Kiara balances such individual desires for career success with fulfiment of caring and nuturing her own family, Skyler her daughter, partner Devi and family at home in Parma, Italy. One truly has to admire such sense of composed confidence that #8 has- never allowing herself to be drawn into ‘road of glory’ at expense of family life.

I caught up with Kiara via audio interview, to gain insight on what the past 12 months has been like for her, with Skyler by her side in preparation to race Women MX World Championship this weekend at Matterley Basin, UK.

WMX Opening Round MXGP of Matterley Basin March 1st.

Words: Sharon Cox.


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