Kiara Fontanesi- WMX 6x Champion speaks on racing 2021 Women MX World Championship

Kiara Fontanesi- WMX 6x Champion speaks on racing 2021 Women MX World Championship

Kiara Fontanesi– WMX 6x Champion speaks on racing 2021 Women MX World Championship. With all-out stellar performance at WMX Round 4 at Turkey taking double moto win, Kiara has made history yet again as the world’s first Woman/Mum to win a GP supported by family, close friends and Brand GASGAS.

Kiara Fontanesi WMX Round 4 Turkey Overall win Photo Credit: MXGP

In just 2nd year after having daughter Skyler, Kiara makes clear key to success on racing WMX Championship has always been down to feeling good on the bike, enjoying each and every time out on track, and having fun to deliver best possible performance pre-during and post racing.

Such long-held beliefs count for exceptional record of results as Kiara races her 12th WMX Championship. Setting historical precedent, the 6x WMX Champion has notched up 21 GP wins, 55 Race wins, 52 podiums, 2,891 points, and raced 73 GP’s from 2009 through to 2021.

Given Kiara’s mental fortitude to take on all challenges presented racing WMX, it would be pertinent to ask: ‘what will be her focus heading into WMX Round 5 in Spain this weekend- going on how 2021 WMX Championship has panned out?

Kiara: ‘Focus in Spain will be exactly the same as all other races this year. I’ve never really focused on the Championship. I feel it is not something to think about. For sure, I know I have the chance to win, and I need to win. Mainly, when I want to win, and I want to enjoy racing and have fun, that will give me a good result. I feel very good on the bike and we have improved a bit since Turkey- so I am really confident and can’t wait to race’.

Kiara Fontanesi 2021 WMX Championship with daughter Skyler Photo Credit: MXFonta

All experience considered, Kiara possess rare attributes that enable her to stand firm by her convictions- that no matter what happens on track- incidents, plans go astray, victories are sweet but short- Italy’s Fiamme Oro athlete maintains perspective on what is important moving forward.

Specifically, making brave decision to have year away from racing WMX in 2019 to give birth to daughter Skyler put paid to opinions that career comes first. For sure, Kiara’s passion to race never left her soul- competing on track was just put in perspective to latter date.

All of which makes for huge task to get back into World MX Women Championship race mode post birth- a challenge in itself let alone playing catch-up on how competitive WMX field had become. So, how has Kiara achieved results in 2021 WMX Round 1: 7th, Round 2: 2nd, Round 3: 2nd and Round 4: 1st?

Kiara: ‘I think yes, I have probably never been at this level before. I have been feeling competitive and good on the bike- really good at Turkey. I think the speed and everything I have this year, it’s because, of course I had one more year to train after my pregnancy. I was not at my strongest level last year- I was still riding good but I was in deficit with my body and this is something big when you race at such a high level’.

Kiara Fontanesi WMX Round 4 Turkey Photo Credit: MXGP

I’m really, really confident on the bike. Since Round 1 at Loket, even with bad luck, and even if I lost The Championship there, I was really happy as I was really fast on the track and I felt good. The only Round we suffered a bit was Lommel. I haven’t been training in the sand like this, and we knew that. Even so, I was on the podium, so that was perfect for us’.

Finally at Turkey, I could perform on a track that I was confident on, and I was feeling really good. I just needed to improve the starts a bit, but overall everything was ok. I think the reason that I am that fast is because I race relaxed because of Skyler’.

‘Every result I take is a victory for me- it’s not just about saying it, it’s about feeling it. So, as long as I know every time I line up behind the gate is already a victory, I will have a lot of fun- riding and racing this year. Skyler is a big motivation for me, and of course to have a bike that I feel really strong and competitive on. I have everything I need to deliver on track what I am able to do’.

Kiara Fontanesi holds historical record of 6 WMX Championship Titles. Not only is the Italian first ever Mum to race GP’s, but also acts as shining light for all up-coming women to pursue careers and family life side by side. How did Kiara know success would knock on door post year away from racing WMX? It was definitely down to sheer self-belief, resolve and strength of character that determined how Kiara would gain equal footing competing against best Women MX riders in the world.

Kiara Fontanesi WMX Round 4 Turkey Photo Credit: thibault photography

‘The amazing thing has definitely been going 1-1 in Turkey. Arriving at the finish line and seeing my family, my husband with Skyler was unbelievable feeling because I realized I was – Wow- a mum winning a GP. Going 1-1 was like a dream come true’.

‘Last year I was very fresh, racing after I had given birth- I was riding a bike that I had only ridden once before the beginning of the Championship. Two things put together- more experience with the bike and better physical condition- that’s why this year is better than last year’.

‘It is amazing for me, thinking I am 27 years of age, have been racing for many years, being there fighting for the Championship, being one of the fastest women, always the fastest in qualifying. It was just perfect in Turkey, and I will go for the same in the Final 2 Rounds’.

WMX Round 5 Spain October 17

Round 6 Trentino October 24

Words: Sharon Cox.

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