Laia Sanz competes in Extreme E Series with ACCIONA Sainz XE Team- partnered with Race 2 Road QEV Technologies

Laia Sanz competes in Extreme E Series with ACCIONA Sainz XE Team- partnered with Race 2 Road QEV Technologies

Laia Sanz competes in up-coming Extreme E Series with ACCIONA Sainz XE Team partnered with Race 2 Road QEV Technologies. The all-Spanish venture not only brings collaboration to a whole new level pairing Laia – top female Dakar Rally finisher with Carlos Sainz – 3x Dakar Rally Car winner, but also amalgamates forefront of Motorsport industry ACCIONA with QEV Technologies.

Laia Sanz ACCIONA Sainz XE Team Photo Credit: ACCIONA

Straight up, Extreme E- The Electric Odyssey ramps up global awareness on making Motorsport sustainable within parameters of climate change. It is not just purporting that carbon emissions need to be reduced, it is more in real-time how this can be achieved at pace within a gender balanced Motorsport Series.

Never before has global audience witnessed a coupling of massive issues which not only affect the future viability of Motorsport, but also the daily lives of people around the world. The initiative not only prompts analysis on how Motorsport can effect change but also delivers the message to the masses as opposed to just die-hard race fans.

Most certainly, ACCOINA Sainz XE Team have taken on board an opportunity to incorporate the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility through endorsement of the Team’s drivers. As stated by Extreme E brief: ‘The ACCIONA Sainz Extreme E Team will compete against 9 top racing Teams, who will showcase the reliability of electric mobility and just how competitive renewable energy can be when put to the test in the most demanding environments’.

Without a doubt, ACCIONA Sainz XE Team pairing will bring THE most sought after racing skills of the Series in one vehicle. Both Laia and Carlos are legends in their own right racing and achieving incredible success in Off-Road Championships. Laia has won 13 World Trial Championships, 5 Enduro World Championships, along with making history winning The Dakar Rally Bike- Women’s category 10 consecutive times.

Carlos Sainz has achieved lengthy list of accolades through-out an illustrious racing career, winning the World Rally Championship 2x, The Dakar Rally 3x and was recipient of the Princess of Asturias Sports Award in 2020. A formidable combination as both Laia and Carlos contribute highly developed skill-set for taking on board the challenge of racing the Odyssey 21-E vehicle.

Laia Sanz and Carlos Sainz with ACCIONA Sainz XE Team Photo Credit: ACCIONA

Equally, under the official racing umbrella of ACCIONA, the partnering with QEV Technologies embraces a new format for extending reach of market audience. ACCIONA has long held principles of innovation within Motorsport, having led the first Team racing an 100 percent electric vehicle in The Dakar Rally in 2017. QEV marked as pioneers of electric mobility, places due diligence on marketing their ‘Race 2 Road’ vehicles within the ethos of Extreme E Series.

If Extreme E – The Electric Odyssey offers a new Motorsport Series, one which highlights global awareness of sustainability of racing within world of climatic change, the initiative also offers opportunities for innovative partnerships to flourish. Stretching the confines of Motorsport racing in front of fans to a far greater platform of social, gender, and greener audience, the Series takes on the importance of forward thinking for many years to come.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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