Larissa Papenmeier racing MXGP of China- MX2

Larissa Papenmeier racing MXGP of China- MX2

Larissa Papenmeier’s race season has really progressed with the German making positive standings of 3rd Overall in 2019 WMX Championship with 2 Rounds to go, and bagging race-dream ride in MX2 class at MXGP of China on September 15th.

Larissa Papenmeier WMX of Loket Photo Credit: MXGP

Capping off an exceptional year, the Yamaha rider has truely come into her own, having made switch to new Brand after 10 plus years with Suzuki. Not only has the change of bike elevated Larissa’s performance on the track, but amped mental capacity to race against the all male class at the new track venue of Shanghai.

#423: ‘Well it has always been a dream of mine to race in the MX2 class. And as we have to put the bike into the box at our last WMX race in Turkey we thought it’s a good opportunity to travel further to China and do the last race there’.

‘I got the support of many sponsors, friends and fans who helped me out with the financal side of the trip. So there was no reason not to do it’.

And expectations: ‘I just want to have fun, finish the races and gain experience and maybe also some points’.

With solid performances over WMX Rounds 1, 2 and 3 finishing: 3-3, 2-3, and 4-2, Larissa has made most of experience gained from competing in WMX for many seasons now- quietly determined that there are more podiums to be won including top step.

Larissa Papenmeier WMX of Loket Photo Credit: MXGP

#423: ‘Most pleasing over course of 2019 is my new ride. I love the Yamaha YZ 250cc and I feel really good on the bike’.

‘For sure I’m not the youngest anymore (I think I’m the oldest in the field) haha but I still compete with the top girls and I still have the speed and the power which makes me even stronger’.

Which just goes to show, there is always potential for change to achieve better results, where performance can be optimized and where rider can improve with different resources at hand.

#423: ‘Learning curves was also the bike this year. My mechanic as well as me came from 10 years racing Suzuki so we actually started at zero. But we have made huge progress and the bike is really good now’. 

WMX Round 4 MXGP of Imola August 18th.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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