Media Profiling Motorsport Riders

Media Profiling Motorsport Riders

Profiling Motorsport riders has taken on greater importance over last few years reasons being: Riders need to promote their career, their sponsors to keep the financial support flowing to race.

Dylan Walsh 2nd Ottobiano GP 2018 Photo Credit: MXGP

Dylan Walsh 2nd Ottobiano GP 2018 Photo Credit: MXGP

Even more significant is the Rider’s/Athletes ability to express themselves in front of Media, in front of camera on and off the track, prepared to answer questions when all they would rather do is go and ride, race or pack up and go home.

So when is the best time to nail ‘how do I answer that Q in front of that camera in my face speaking to 1000’s of viewers post edit?’

2 recent successful stories were filming Rachael Archer with NZ’s TVOne Sports News and filming NZ’s 14 year old Brodie Connolly pre-FIM Junior MX World Championships.

Rachael had first-hand experience of speaking to Media persons in May 2018, a run-up to TV Sports crew 3 months later. Spending a morning, chatting about Rachael’s love of riding, her day-to-day juggle with school, wanting to train, preparations for racing overseas, followed by filming track-time nudged confidence levels up and moved the 16 year old into a comfort zone boding well for future Media promotions.

14 year old Brodie Connolly was apprehensive, about opening up on his love of riding and racing dirt. Understandably, how many opportunities has a young up-coming talented rider experienced speaking to unknown Media persons, when the pull to just ride and race is top priority.

Brodie Connolly Photo Credit: James Bennell

Brodie Connolly Photo Credit: James Bennell

Spending time talking on the importance of a Athlete/Rider promotion of his talent on the track, giving viewers a glimpse into his character which is oh so humble, along with recogntion of the people who have helped him achieve his goals, more than ever enabled the focused dude to tell us what matters to him, as a racer.

Whichever the sport, Athletes/Riders at whatever level: club, regional, National, International gaining traction on Media platforms ramps up opportunity to enhance career profile. Not only that, the sport’s circle becomes round from Riders to Brands to Sponsors and to family and friends.

Words: Sharon Cox



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