Molly Taylor competes in up-coming Extreme E – The Electric Odyssey Series with Rosberg X Racing

Molly Taylor competes in up-coming Extreme E – The Electric Odyssey Series with Rosberg X Racing

Molly Taylor competes in up-coming Extreme E -The Electric Odyssey Series with Rosberg X Racing, Opening Round starting at Al’ Ula, Saudi Arabia on April 3-4th. Full of enthusiasm on entering new era of Motorsport, Molly places such a massive opportunity at top of racing career accomplishments.

Molly Taylor racing Extreme E Series with Rosberg X Racing Photo Credit: Extreme E.

If achieving goals was Molly’s mantra from racing first Rally Championships in 2006, the Australian dynamo ticks every box that Extreme E Series represents which speaks volumes on what Molly stands for in regard to pursuing career as Rally driver.

Molly: ‘One of the elements which is so exciting about joining RXR and Extreme E is the scope of the project. Professionally, to be racing in such a competitive international series and working alongside Nico Rosberg, Johan Kristofferson and the RXR team is a huge step for my career’.

‘I’m really looking forward to how much I will be able to learn and process as a driver. In addition, to be able to make a positive impact on the fight against climate change and equality is something that also means a lot to me. I think being able to use motorsport as a way of being part of the solution to these issues is something pretty special’.

Extreme E founder Alejandro Agag’s passion for making Motorsport sustainable runs deep, so does commitment to invoke gender equality in racing. Close to ingenious, creating a Motorsport event which puts principle of thought into actual reality, Extreme E locks in the effects of climate change for a sustainable future of racing all of which marry with Molly’s beliefs on pursuing career in Off Road racing.

Strong beliefs are not just foundations upon which Molly has developed as a professional Rally driver and person, the sense of ‘what matters’ runs particularly strong when behind the wheel. From delivering highest possible performance on gravel, to developing feeling for car control at speed, to appreciating the beauty of Australia’s landscape on daily basis, all provides that steely resolve to sustain self-beliefs on and off race tracks.

Molly Taylor Rosberg Racing in Extreme E Series 2021.

So, what can we expect from Molly, her paired driver Johann Kristoffersson and her Team- Rosberg X Racing. #1 surrounded by former F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg and entrepreneur in sustainable mobility will be huge in terms of powerhouse of knowledge to work with. #2 Molly is no lightweight when push comes to shove. In 2016, Molly was the first and youngest female to win Australian Rally Championship in 2016. #3 growing up surrounded by father and mother who were successful Rally competitors makes going for the win a natural formula for Molly when behind the wheel.

Molly: ‘After my very first taste of motorsport I knew that rally was something I wanted to pursue. Initially it was the sensation of sliding a car on gravel that I fell in love with and is still what I love about rally’.

‘During my career there have been a number of pivotal moments, the first one would be making the decision to leave Australia when I was 20 and move to the UK. The opportunities, experience and people I met during that time were key to opening future doors, such as the WRC Pirelli Star Driver scholarship in 2011 and also securing a professional contract with Subaru Australia. I see this opportunity with RXR as the next pivotal moment in my career and I am really excited about what the future will hold!

Making the switch to race all electric Odyssey 21 cars will be new, level playing field for all Teams. Key factors on transition of driving skills, working within new Team structure, ability to transfer all mental aspects of racing during short, sharp laps from Qualifying through to Final chequered will be game-changer for all. Molly recounts first taste of driving Extreme E – ‘the beast’!

Molly Taylor winning Australian Rally Championship 2016.

Molly: ‘It was fantastic to get my first taste of the Odyssey 21 last year and it was a lot of fun to drive. Also to be able to learn from such a successful driver like Johan was a fantastic experience’.

‘The car is very different to anything I’ve ever driven, not just being electric, but also being a bigger off road SUV. However, rallying is a lot about reading the conditions and adapting as you go, so I think this experience will be very beneficial heading into a completely new challenge such as this one’.

Header Photo Molly Taylor Credit: Rosberg Racing.

Words: Sharon Cox.


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