MXGP-Infront- what will this bring to the sport?

MXGP-Infront- what will this bring to the sport?

2019 FIM MXGP World Motocross Championship heads into Opening Round of 19, in Argentina, March 3rd under new premise of Media-Marketing Sport aquisition of Youthstream by the Swiss company Infront.

MXGP Imola, Thomas Kjer-Olsen 2018 Photo Credit: MXGP

What will this mean for MXGP/MX2/EMX/WMX Championship Series – the Riders? the Brands? the Teams? the Sponsors? and the fans?

Whole point of aquisition is to up-scale Media-Marketing of Youthtreams massive over-haul of World MX Championship Series from initial purchase of television, media and global rights from Dorna in 2003.

With strategic objectives coming full circle, Youthstreams vision of building World MX Championship Series as sustainable for future growth of racing through tier platform of classes and partnerships promoting venues, sponsors, products within industry has proved successful to present day.

Equally matched is GP-Fan engagement with MXGP-TV broadcast global in scale, social media, Pit-Chat, Best Moments, Rider Interviews and pre-post racing visual snap-shots of selected Team/Rider/Brand experiences.

MXGP FOX Promotion Photo Credit: MXGP

Infront will add different dynamic to Media-Marketing of MXGP- building on what has been achieved, streamlining strategy on pulling viewers in, raising stakes on return of investment for sponsors, refining details on advertising at venues, and most importantly sealing connection of Rider-to-Fan engagement through demand meets supply of visual content.

Cutting through Media-Sport hype on ‘who will win, who will perform’, Infront will zone in on Grand Prix’s from many perspectives. From actual racing, on track challenges, starts, pre-during-after podiums, to atmosphere in paddock engaging with fans experience on race-day, to the Riders themselves- their thoughts, emotions, processing plans going well or otherwise.

Infront will intensify quality, creative visual content over cross-platforms- increasing scope of TV broadcast globally, diversifying breadth on ‘moments of information’ for fans on social media, rounding out Race Motos on websites, YouTube and Instagram, all uploaded within day of actual GP. x19 Rounds.

Tony Cairoli Imola GP Photo Credit: MXGP

Within continual search, analysis, and re-evaluation to achieve sustainable growth of FIM MXGP World Motocross Championship along with all classes, the measure on what can be produced remains infinite.

Without a doubt, the sport offers all, the excitement of racing, the anticipation of how Riders perform to their best under pressure, the uncertainty of what will happen, and the extremes the sport offers-

Not just for those who take part, but for those who are telling the story to the world.

Words: Sharon Cox



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