MXLink 2022 Quarterly Report

MXLink 2022 Quarterly Report

MXLink 2022 Quarterly Report provides insight on Media content that attracted attention through website publications and social media posts. Analysis of data collected through MXLink statistics on number of Unique views- first time readers and Views from on-going followers gives information on what content was a hit and which needs to be re-worked.

Women racing 2022 Dakar Rally E-book presentation:

January opened with preview of 2022 Dakar Rally, focusing on women who were competing in the 44th edition along with debut female/Team entries. Presentation of Women racing 2022 Dakar Rally in E-book format encouraged readers to take on board information about women who were competing in Bike, Car, SSV, and Lightweight Prototype vehicle categories – Legends and Rookies alike.

Covering 2022 Dakar Rally over 12 Stages including Prologue and podium finishes slotted in catch-up conversations with number of Women making most of Rest Day after Stage 6, which gave each little bit of time to let Media know how their Rally was going. MXLink website gained 3,018 Unique views and recorded 78,809 views from on-going followers at end of month.

In comparison to past 2 years statistics on website readership on Dakar Rally coverage, there has been gradual increase in views and attracting new readers: 2021 Unique views were 1,131 and 54,478 Views along with 2020 Unique Views of 868 and 11,551 views in month of January.

Media content heading into 2022 February focused on previews of up-coming Championships, specifically GNCC WXC in America with Kiwi rider Rachael Archer vying for her first Title win as well as preview on 2022 WSeries as support category in selected Formula One Rounds.

Insight articles on Brand domination at Dakar, film edit on interview with Rachael Archer and development of visual effects for Title images came into play to extend reach of Media to broader audience. By mixing presentation of content to appeal to readers scrolling through feeds, as well as followers wanting to know more about drivers, riders and racers- website, Instagram and facebook posts upped ante on use of creativity of thought online.

2022 Women racing FIA and FIM disciplines – snap-shot who to watch:

The incorporation of video effects, text animation, and film edits were specifically designed to highlight the importance of creative marketing of Women in Motorsport on a par with male counterparts in Formula One, MotoGP, MXGP and WSBK.

Website statistics and social media data gave acknowledgement that readership does not solely derive from results during racing, rather informative use of information on athletes presented with current IT specs. February’s Unique Views came in at 2,445 and Views at 47,167 up from 2020 Unique views of 962 and Views at 9,968.

The Opening Round of FIM Women Motocross World Championship on March 5th demanded pre-during and post racing Media content on the coveted 6 Round Series. The who’s who of women competing in WMX over the course of the Championship’s 17 years has attracted significant following around the world.

Website stats confirm, articles and interviews on Women racing WMX along with back-stories on the challenges, success and despair many female MX riders have endured attract reaction online. Equally, Media content via Live TV broadcasts by MXGP/Infront along with post race interviews and photographs enable presentation of WMX Rounds to be posted straight after racing- even when situated a million miles away.

MXLink has covered WMX since NZ’s Courtney Duncan debut entry at Qatar in 2016. On hand to witness the next Kiwi to make the dream of racing WMX a reality, subsequent attendance at WMX GP’s over the next couple of years fueled passion to further develop promotion and marketing of these amazing female athletes. Undoubtedly, filming 6x WMX Champion Kiara Fontanesi at her home in Parma, Italy over course of 3 days prompted capturing the personal and professional character of Kiara on film, as well as shift the context on how Media content was presented online.

Key Factors Advancing Women in Motorsport:

MXLink statistics for March ride the wave of extending reach of Media content to audience not necessarily aware of Women competing cross disciplines in both FIA and FIM Motorsport categories. Specifically, content has focused on Championships which actively engage issues of inclusivity, diversity and equality – all of which affect the opportunities available for women to race.

Addressing factors of major importance- how to gain financial support to race, how to increase sponsorship endorsements and how to fulfill potential of performance on the track- no matter what gender, age, or nationality has gained leverage in attracting interest from global audience.

MXLink stats in March add further weight to the shift of presentation of media content, for Women in Motorsport. Re-telling results post racing is not enough to increase readership or attract new viewers. Nor is re-hashing who-said-what-to-whom.

Media content remains the most powerful tool to narrow the gap between those watching on the side-lines- on the couch and where-ever in the world- to appreciate what the driver, rider and racer has put on the line to race. And, Media content has the capability of relaying all the complexities of being able to race – not just for the athlete but for the sport’s organizations ability to take on board issues of social, cultural and economic concern. MXLink continues to push the boundaries on presentation of Media content, well into the future. March stats: Unique View- 1,905, Views- 45,172 compared to 2020 Unique Views: 494 and Views: 14,300.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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