MXLink breaks barriers, creates market demand, and ramps Media coverage from National to International level- how?

MXLink breaks barriers, creates market demand, and ramps Media coverage from National to International level- how?

MXLink has broken barriers within Media industry on promotion of Motorsport athletes at National and International level from Day 1. From grass-roots involvement in Club, Regional and National Motocross events, to online website, to MXLink Films on YouTube along with knocking at National TV Networks door for at least minimal air-time on Motorsport riders, the past 10 years has been quite a ride.

Courtney Duncan wins 2016 WMX Round One at Qatar 2016 Photo Credit: MXGP

For sure, back in 2006-2007 when New Zealand’s Katherine Oberlin-Brown (nee Prumm) won FIM Women’s Motocross World Cup there was no TV coverage on such a courageous victory. Nor, for that matter, on fellow Kiwi Tony Cooksley who won FIM World Veteran Motocross Champion same year as Prumm.

Apart from celebrations that both riders were from home club in Pukekohe, NZ, the feat went largely un-noticed by the TV stalwarts of Kiwi-land. By 2013, opportunities came about to break dead-lock with NZ’s Courtney Duncan racing in America, and to boot- winning. That was first entry I gained, with TV3 Network meeting CD for interview when she and step-dad arrived back home. I can still remember us all, outside on the footpath, piecing together this massive as trophy for the camera interview.

As they say, when one door opens, effectively a catalyst reaction occurs. 2014 was a big year for gaining National TV exposure for Kiwi riders competing at National and International level. It took a lota push to leverage broadcast air-time for NZ MX Nationals, with 3 stories making main TVNZ Sports News that year, along with promotion of NZ Team for MXoN – 5 stories all up.

Cody Cooper NXMX Champion 7x- MXLink and Sky Sport NZ filming in 2014.

One thing stood out, ability to provide interesting, new, and appealing stories with Motorsport riders who had achieved results and now needed recognition in wider community was key to increasing air-time on Prime Sports News. Equally, the competitive market of gaining quality content played into MXLink strategy, with Sky Sport Speedshow NZ coming on board filming consecutive stories through-out the next 4 years.

2015-2016 provided just the right dose of opportunities to break Media coverage from National to International level with 2 Kiwi riders competing in FIM World Motocross Championship- Josiah Natzke and Courtney Duncan. It was big punt to raise the budget to travel and cover these 2 riders so far away, yet doing so opened the next chapter on ‘Kiwi Motorsport athletes commending due respect on National TV’.

CD’s debut race at FIM WMX in Qatar in 2016 was a never forget experience. Arriving in Doha, with only my gut instinct telling me that she would win, was truly amazing. #1 Courtney raced and won both motos, blitzing the WMX field and opening eyes of the Media world. #2 Having booked extra night in hotel to write and edit film through the night, I sent story and film edit to TVNZ who aired article in Prime Sports News the following evening.

Rachael Archer Interview TVNZ One Sports News 2019.

2017 through to present day continues foundation set many years prior, to provoke insight on Motorsport athletes achievements to mainstream audience. Strategies have adapted to remaining competitive in tough Media market by compiling unique stories which offer point of difference for viewers. A total of 23 stories on TV Networks Prime Sports News and 22 stories on Sky Sport NZ punches above my weight in terms of gaining exposure for NZ riders, racers and drivers outside Motorsport community.

Header photo Avalon Biddle NZSBK Championship 2020 Photo Credit: James Bennell.

Words: Sharon Cox.


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