MXLink Live speaks with Sara Garcia and Rachael Archer on first Issue of Women in Magazine and their year ahead.

MXLink Live speaks with Sara Garcia and Rachael Archer on first Issue of Women in Motorsport Magazine and their year ahead. Sara recently finished Dakar Rally 2021 in ‘Original by Motul’ category in 44th Overall position- a remarkable feat racing 12 Stages with ‘No Assistance’ allowed.

Sara Garcia Dakar Rally and Rachael Archer GNCC WXC.

Rachael Archer will have raced Opening Round of America’s GNCC WXC class, having finished runner-up in 2020. Both Women appear in the Magazine with stories on their experiences racing respective disciplines. Most certainly, Sara provides unique inspiration for Rachael, who one day too, hopes to race The Dakar.

MXLink Live will broadcast on February 23rd NZ time 9.00am. Corresponding dates are February 22nd in Spain and USA time at 9.00pm.

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