Nico Rosberg gears up to race Extreme E Series – with Rosberg X Racing at the forefront of sustainable Motorsport for the future

Nico Rosberg gears up to race Extreme E Series – with Rosberg X Racing at the forefront of sustainable Motorsport for the future

Nico Rosberg gears up to race in Extreme E- The Electric Odyssey Series, with Rosberg X Racing Team at the forefront of sustainable Motorsport of the future. Founded on RXR mandate #Driven By Purpose, Nico along with amazing skilled drivers and Team enter Extreme E Championship with power to really make an impact on racing with green technology.

Rosberg X Racing with design based on Nico Rosberg F1 helmet combing symmetry of RXR within black and turquoise colours. Photo Credit: Rosberg X Racing.

From initial process of putting RXR Team together, to selection of drivers: Molly Taylor and Johan Kristoffersson, to first test of Extreme E car- Odyssey 21 SUV,  Nico Rosberg has executed precise beliefs on actioning sustainable mobility via Motorsport, all of which is embodied in phrase ‘Road to Race’.

Nico: ‘I love how this Championship has been built on a foundation of social cause. For me personally, I can continue my 2 biggest passions of sustainability and racing. In my view we have the best female driver in the world- Molly Taylor- who won Australia’s Rally Championship in 2016. Along with Johan Kristoffersson, who holds reigning three-times World Rallycross Champion’.

In recent film sequence of Team test in a quarry, Nico along with drivers and crew make clear this is no ‘get together’ of loyal, familiar racing persons going through the motions of putting Molly and Johan behind the wheel of all-electric car over track of mud, gravel and sparse vegetation. Bonds exist between Nico and crew from Formula One racing career, along with newly formed partnerships between drivers and Team, all of which is subtly kept on track by Nico himself.

Nico Rosberg wins Formula One Championship 2016.

For all sense and purposes, Rosberg X Racing is not just a Team competing in an innovative Motorsport Series, the ties that bind the philosophy of Nico’s post racing career as sustainable entrepreneur form the basis of entering the event in the first place. It was no random decision to finish 11 years of racing World Championship Series after Nico Rosberg won Formula One Series in 2016. There were deliberate principles of thought in Nico’s mind which prompted a change on how he wanted to live his life with his family outside racing.

Nico shares his thoughts on decision of retirement: ‘I learnt so much about human needs, about myself and in turn I decided my career after racing was going to be a life of service in some form or another’ reference Mercedes From that moment, Nico fulfilled desire to elevate initiatives derivative on cleaner mobility, supporting the formation of Formula E along with establishing Greentech Festival in Berlin, which showcases companies producing sustainable products and services.

Molly Taylor racing with Rosberg X Racing in Extreme E -The Electric Odyssey 2021. Photo Credit RXR.

Without a doubt, Extreme E – The Electric Odyssey takes Motorsport racing into the future. Nico: ‘This is a huge opportunity for Motorsport as a whole because the ‘Road to Race’ technology can be a huge accelerator for the whole mobility industry. Formula E has led the way in the development of electric motors and Extreme E will take this further. The entire race event’s electricity will be produced from hydrogen with fuel cell generation by AFC energy. This is really innovative and are reasons why I love to be part of it. Also, we are facing issues about equality, positioning ourselves so strongly by making equal opportunities for female and male drivers to race. This is very important’.

Passion and delivering highest possible performance on the track has marked Nico’s racing career. Such character traits have evolved over to post racing role which remains core when unifying Rosberg X Racing Team competing in Extreme E 5 Round Series. Does a winning formula come down to deep desire to stand top of podium, or are there ingrained principles of thought on the achievement of goals which benefit the present and the future generations to come?

Nico: ‘For me- Rosberg X Racing- it is just as important to win as to have an impact via our #Drive By Purpose campaigns. In each location where we will be racing, we will be supporting local initiatives, and leaving each area in a better state than when we arrived. I am excited about that and hope we can multiply the impact to a global audience’.

Extreme E- The Electric Odyssey April 3-4 at Al Ula Saudi Arabia. Header photo: Rosberg X Racing. Special thanks to Nico Rosberg for his time.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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