Nomination for Award: ‘Women of Influence’ supported by Westpac and Fairfax Media

Nomination for Award: ‘Women of Influence’ supported by Westpac and Fairfax Media

The following is Summary for nomination for NZ’s Award ‘Women of Influence’. It is based on my career to date, be awesome to make short-list. Finalists announced September 2015.

My thanks to all those people who have supported me through-out years in my role in Media Motocross in NZ, Australia, USA and Europe.

Special thanks to my 3 sons: James, Bob and Karl.

Executive Summary

Self-belief, staying true to oneself, determination to achieve goals which benefit many are key to the evolvement of my role in Media and Marketing the sport of Motocross in New Zealand and overseas.

The career path has been progressive from single parent and Primary Teacher, to graduate from Auckland University (BA, BA HONS, MA) to Journalism to the latter development of Media and Marketing initiatives for online websites, TV Networks, YouTube Films and Social Media.

Focus through-out academic study was to gain breadth of knowledge along with passion on topics of human interest, culminating in  MA thesis ‘The Rise of American Conservatism from late 1950’s to early 1980’s focusing on Race, Rights and Gender’.

Post academia ambitions were positioned to gel concepts of analysis on performance to the public at large, focusing on the Motocross community in NZ. Starting at club level working voluntarily with riders and their families then progressing to National Governing Board, I challenged convention in regard to organization and promotion of the sport. Factors worthy of analysis and change were inclusive of safety, calendar dates of National Championships, vision, communications at all levels and progressive initiatives for growth.

The depth of challenges faced re-enforced focus to overcome gender prejudice, Boardroom politics and power resulting in incremental wins to shift the status quo towards positive change. Examples being: voting at NZ’s Annual General Meeting moving NZ Motocross Nationals from October-November to February- March. This butt of tradition was intended to entice International riders to compete in NZ’s National Series capitalizing on NZ’s seasonal advantage.

Accountability and transparency of communications was doggedly pursued to improve safety and risk assessment of track venues through volunteer work as Starter for events at club, National and International level. As first female Starter of Motocross Championship events in NZ, this proved my ability to control race situations under pressure making decisions in the best interests of riders (male and female) competing on the track.

The positive influence competing in Motocross has on young people and their families prompted analysis and innovative thought on incorporating IT developments to enhance future growth. Journalism feeding up-date results, interviews and news on events to online websites and social media provided a platform for exposure of all involved. Business services, product companies, sponsors along with the athletes themselves were promoted online, globally. This shift opened a path of collaborative marketing of the sport in its entirety inclusive of riders, clubs, distributors and industry Brands to mainstream public like never before.

Slick presentations of work to TV Networks in the latter 2 years has produced NZ’s sport of Motocross on TVOne, TV3 and Sky Sport NZ. Opportunities to work with TV Networks, foster working relations and raise the profile of riders inclusive of the Motorsport industry has shifted traditional boundaries of Marketing in house to public at large. Most notable has been tracking statistics on the increase of unique views from TV Prime time viewing of the sport providing tangible evidence on the value of innovative Marketing initiatives.

Fittingly, the progressive movement of my role in Media and Marketing the sport remains true to what is important for young people growing up: to attain a sense of purpose through self-belief, confidence, tenacity and passion to achieve goals that one is proud of.

Words: Sharon Cox

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