Rachael Archer- awe inspiring athlete- heads into Final Round GNCC WXC standing 2nd Overall

Rachael Archer- awe inspiring athlete- heads into Final Round GNCC WXC standing 2nd Overall

Rachael Archer heads into 2021 GNCC WXC Final Round in little under 2 weeks currently standing 2nd Overall in 13 Round Series. Posting 5 wins out of 11 podiums from 12 Rounds, the formidable Kiwi rider sends clear message- when you put in the hard work, coupled with ‘never-give-up’ attitude results will come- for sure.

Rachael Archer heart-rate graph from WXC Round 12 Buckwheat. General max HR 220 – age.

Dig a bit deeper, and one gets to understand how Rachael has achieved racing 3 consecutive full-time Pro GNCC WXC seasons under AmPro Yamaha Racing at 19 years of age. To ask questions on: where does work ethic come from? How does an athlete accomplish goals growing up on family farm in NZ? And, what reserves of mental stamina does she draw upon when times are tough? All Rachael’s thoughts give insight on how she has pitched herself to race GNCC WXC for past 3 years.

Rachael: ‘Key to success has just been hard work paying off. I think starting my Pro racing career at 17 has a lot to do with it. Being so young you tend to learn things faster and soak up information from other riders who are so keen to win’.

Even so, jumping into big pool of racing America’s GNCC most prestigious tracks, well known by seasoned riders, along with developing training and fitness programmes makes for steep learning curves on what works and what doesn’t. How has Rachael dealt with the uncertainties of pursuing racing career in USA?

Everything I did growing up and was taught/learnt has helped me tremendously getting to where I am in GNCC. Having to work things out for myself and fix problems on my own allows a young person to understand how to control their feelings and control stress. This is super important as an athlete- you need to be able to calm yourself in a stressful situation’.

Speaking with Dad- Kevin, and Mum- Lynn back home- they both freely admit- it is tough doing all preparations for racing by yourself. On and off track challenges exist which as Rachael states stems back to how she grew up on the farm, living, breathing and dealing with whatever daily life and nature throws at you.

Racheal Archer GNCC WXC Round 11 Burr Oak Photo Credit: GNCC

Rach: ‘Everything I took for granted as a farm kid teaches you a lot about racing- reading the terrain and knowing if a log is rotten or how to break wire with no tools. And, to never say I can’t. I love a challenge. I love the feeling of accomplishment but I hate to lose, so I push myself way beyond what a lot of people could- all because I want to accomplish the goal I’ve had since I was 13′.

In global terms of COVID pandemic, with all disruptions the disease has brought upon daily lives, Rachael stands by her values, beliefs and ideals that ‘you have to find a way to make it all happen’. Racing Motorsport as a financially backed career for Women remains tough challenge to present day, yet America’s GNCC WXC Championship sustains full March-to-October season of 13 Rounds year-in-year-out.

Rach: ‘GNCC WXC definitely deserves more attention, but it is slowly getting there. We now have an Instagram page @gnccwxc. Speaking as a professional racer I can definitely say you can make a living and a career from the sport. There are a lot of good supporting companies that offer sponsorship and there are opportunities to make good money in GNCC racing’.

Heading into Final Round at Ironman in 2 weeks, Rachael has plenty on the line. What will be her focus, mind-set and expectations come weekend of racing on October 24?

Rachael Archer GNCC WXC Mason Dixie

Rach: ‘For me to win the Championship currently 7 points down I believe I need to win and Sheets has to finish 4th or worse, which is possible. It is making me anxious for sure because I am so hungry for the WXC Championship Title. I know how hard I have worked this season- I don’t want to be in 2nd place shadows anymore! I belong in the front and I will do everything on my part to try get the #1!

GNCC WXC Final Round Ironman October 24.

Header Photo: Rachael Archer GNCC WXC Buckwheat.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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