Rachael Archer races GNCC WXC Round 10 Burr Oak this weekend-

Rachael Archer races GNCC WXC Round 10 Burr Oak this weekend-

Rachael Archer races GNCC WXC Round 10 Burr Oak this weekend, taking seasoned approach to racing final 2 Rounds of America’s inaugural cross-country Series.

Rachael Archer taking the win at The Mountaineer WXC Round 9 Photo Credit: Ken Hill

Having blitzed the highly competitive field 2 weeks previous at The Mountaineer, Rachael not only banked back-to-back wins after returning from Series 8 week break, but also cemented solid 2nd standing in Overall points table.

Rachael: ‘My main focus for these last races is to be prepared as possible. The race flows much easier when you know what to expect and you’re organized’.

‘I had the fastest lap time at this location a couple months ago but ended up second so I know I can win I just need to manage the race a little differently!’

Situated at Sunday Creek Raceway, Ohio, the track and venue was initially added to the Series in the 1990’s offering rider’s a bit of anything and everything!

As GNCC report states: ‘traditionally conditions seem to either be very dry and dusty, or full of the sticky, slick mud that Southern Ohio is famous for…and sometimes you’ll experience both in the same day!’ courtesy GNCC.

Just the way Rach likes it!

GNCC WXC Round 10 Burr Oak September 27-28th.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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