Rachael Archer takes win #4 in a row- wow this racer is on fire!

Rachael Archer takes win #4 in a row- wow this racer is on fire!

Rachael Archer has won 4th straight win in GNCC WXC Mason-Dixie this weekend, making phenomenal presence in America’s inaugural National Series. In just 2nd season racing against seasoned WXC riders, Rachael has earnt respect and admiration amongst all racing and watching, cementing her place as Championship contender for the future.

Rachael Archer #650 lining up in GNXX WXC 2020

With 4 wins over past consecutive Rounds 8-11, Rachael came so close to closing the gap to points leader Becca Sheets, making it an all-out-fight to the final chequered. Today, 2 points made up the difference, with Becca Sheets taking the Overall WXC Championship Title, with enough points advantage over Archer even if 2 DNF’s were on the cards for Sheets in final 2 Rounds.

Currently standing solid 2nd Overall, with 54 point buffer over Rachael Gutish in 3rd, Archer now turns her attention for final races over next 4 weeks, making 2020 victorious for nailing 8 podiums from 11 races.

Rachael on today’s win: ‘I had an awful first lap, got a good start and then had a crash and dropped back to 4th. Rode like a squid first lap and got arm pump then told myself to pull it together if I was gonna win and started to find my groove’.

‘It was hard to find good lines in the powder dust and lap riders were so bad, the lead changed between me’, Gutish and Sheets about 7 times. But I was able to hold onto it on last lap and pull through with the win and a 40 sec lead’.

Giving credit where due, as stated by Sheets comment in post photo: This young lady next to me has proven her determination. I like that. 😎”. Rachael proves where her strength lies- #1: power in conviction of thought #2: self-belief no matter what circumstances come your way #3: focus on what you can control and the rest will come together!

GNCC WXC Round 12: Ironman, October 24th.

Words: Sharon Cox.

WXC Overall Standings after Round 11


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