Sandra Gomez excels in racing multi-disciplines – next massive challenge Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo June 16-19

Sandra Gomez excels in racing multi-disciplines – next massive challenge Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo June 16-19

Sandra Gomez excels in racing multi-disciplines across Rally, Trials, Hard Enduro and Extreme Enduro – so much so, the Spanish rider is the only female competitor to have entered and finished the world’s most grueling races: The Dakar Rally in 2022 and Red Bull Romaniacs Gold Class in 2020 – 2021.

Sandra Gomez competing in 2021 Trials World Championship Image: @nickimar

For sure, Sandra has unique talent and strength of character to not only set massively, challenging goals to conquer, but also follow through with serious hard work and focus to achieve results on track- in whichever discipline.

And, the Madrid native has notched up plenty of victories to be proud of, starting in 2009 when she finished 3rd in the Spanish Women’s Trial Championship, followed by claiming the Title in 2011 and 2014. Such determination to rise to the top of her career propelled Sandra’s selection for the Spanish Trials Des Nation Team, winning the coveted Trophy 5x, along with entry into Women’s World Trials Championship.

What stands out the most during these years, has to be the fact that Sandra stayed true to her passion to embrace learning new skills, to push beyond her comfort zone, and to make decisions that were in her best interests at present, and for the future. No denying, racing Women’s World Trails Championship for 10 consecutive years, from 2008 to 2018, consolidated all bike skills that proved invaluable when racing Red Bull Romaniacs and The Dakar Rally, a couple of years later.

Claiming 5 podiums, including 2nd in 2016, 2017 and 2018 in Women World Trial Championship, Sandra again upped the ante and aimed her target on racing Red Bull Romaniacs in 2019, followed by repeat entry in 2020 and 2021 becoming the first female rider to finish in Gold Class. Amid COVID disruptions, Sandra re-set plenty- training schedules, racing, financial sponsors, to announce courageous decision to enter, race and complete The Dakar Rally in 2022. And, what a debut performance she delivered, crossing Stage 12 finish line in 62nd place Overall in Bike category.

Sandra Gomez racing 2022 Dakar Rally Image: ASO

Taken in context, Sandra has pushed the envelope on pursuing her racing career through tenacious decision making on which goals to turn into reality. Certainly, Sandra states that gaining financial support from main sponsor Clinica Cres was instrumental to racing Dakar, yet Sandra’s resilient quest to keep developing her racing profile has enabled recognition of her achievements to come to the fore.

One the eve of racing 2022 Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo this weekend, Sandra shares her thoughts on how racing has gone this season, from competing in her first Dakar, to racing in India, to sharing her knowledge at a Training Camp in Romania, to training and preparing for ‘The Iron Giant’ Round 3 of FIM Hard Enduro World Championship.

Sandra: ‘It’s been a very busy year with plenty of things coming-  I am an adventurous person so I love these opportunities. My sponsor Clinica Cres which is about regeneration medicine started everything with The Dakar, and now we are looking for a sponsor for the next Dakar’.

India was incredible and super for me – also as a person – that country has something special and I could travel with my boyfriend so personally it was a success because we could never travel like this because of racing! And the trainings I did with the girls, in Israel, in Romania.. I really love it and I can’t wait to meet some of them in the races asap!

Sandra Gomez quote ahead of Red Bull Romaniacs: ‘if you work hard and suffer in training you can accomplish anything, no matter how hard it is’.

Yes Erzberg is definitely the big one. On the bike, also Romaniacs we call the big and long one! But Erzberg has something special, it’s the house of Red Bull and it’s full of people watching and racing! 

I could say I have focused on these two since I stopped the Rally bike in Arabia after Dakar, then I started to rest, to train and to think on everything needed for this race. A woman has never finished Erzberg and it’s a sweet challenge for me but it’s the hardest sweet! I have completed different training on and off the bike with the experience I already know on this race and studied the race on videos as well. Mentally I will try to do my best that day, and if I finish further than the last time (Carl’s dinner) it will be a success. With hard work that one day will be when everything comes together and we need to be at our best for that day!

As always, Sandra heads into Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo with plans in place to take on board the most extreme challenge- starting amongst field of 500 competitors let go in groups of 50 riders, to navigate the Iron Giant cliff-like walls across 40kms in 4 hours!

Sandra: ‘First is to enjoy everything! And have a good plan months before each big event. Then I can be ready for them. I’ve got a great group of people around me who help me to prepare for these races!

Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo June 16 – 19. Header Photo: Sandra Gomez Image: @mihaibirca77

Words: Sharon Cox

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