Sara Andersen speaks on 2019 WMX season- successful finishing 5th Overall

Sara Andersen speaks on 2019 WMX season- successful finishing 5th Overall

Sara Andersen has made exceptional progress in 2019 Women MX World Championship finishing 5th Overall in the 5 Round Series with best result of 2nd on podium at WMX Final Round in Turkey.

Sara Andersen WMX Final Round at MXGP of Turkey 2nd podium Overall Photo Credit: MXGP

Nailing first ever GP podium in WMX Final Round, Sara proved the Dane has what it takes going 2-2 on the hard-pack rutty track, with big jumps and humid weather.

#325: ‘I had an amazing weekend in Turkey. My riding was good, I was leading for about 5 laps and finished 2nd in both motos! My starts in both motos were not good, but I made some quick passes on the fastest girls in the world and it feels unreal!

‘To be on the podium was fantastic and good motivation for next season! The trip to Turkey was a big success and I had a lot of fun with Line Dam exploring Turkey and it’s a weekend I’ll never forget with my first podium!’

I spoke with Sara via Skype on Friday before racing and have to say, the KTM rider was remarkably relaxed, looking forward to racing new track, at new venue, knowing she was well above 2018 WMX Championship result of 9th Overall.

#325: ‘When I walked the track on Friday I just knew it was a perfect track for me. I like hard-pack and I like jumps, so the track couldn’t be better. I think the track is quite similar to Imola, so I just tried to ride like I did at Imola’.

Sara Andersen WMX Final Round at MXGP of Turkey Photo Credit: MXGP

‘The track was very flat and pretty easy in free practice and timed practice, so I just had fun and learned the track. Going into Race 1 I knew I was fast after making 3rd fastest time and very close to 2nd. So my plan was just to hang on the girls in front of me’.

And Sara did. With 2 previous top 5 results going 5-4 at WMX of Portugal and again 4-5 at WMX of Italy, it was definitely on the tick-box list to nail consistent top 5 results in both motos.

#325: ‘I had so much fun on this track! I liked it a lot, just not the start. Before I felt uncomfortable in ruts like that, but now I think it’s very nice with some deep ruts and the track was very good for both motos’.

‘Getting 2nd in both motos means so much to me. Earlier into the season I have raced some good first motos, but then messed it up in the second moto. I am so happy to finally bring it all the way home with a good second moto too. It’s a big confidence boost and I am very motivated for another season’.

Having made deliberate decision to race a couple of European Women MX Championship Rounds, and finishing with a win and 2nd, Sara has planned training, preparation and extra race-time down to perfection. Not easy given the tough competition she is up against come racing.

Sara Andersen WMX Opening Round Valkenswaard Photo Credit: MXGP-TV

#325: ‘For the first year I have been riding Swedish Championship and that helped me a lot to feel more comfortable in the deep ruts. Getting up front a few times in the races in WMX has helped me with the speed and now I just need more stability’.

Which has developed in fine style. Congratulations to Sara on first-ever WMX podium, and may there be many more to come.

I have been progressing a lot this year, so I will just keep working the same way all winter so I’m coming back next year even stronger and faster’.

This interview with Sara was completed at WMX Final Round at MXGP of Turkey via Skype. Sara speaks on WMX season, progress, boost in confidence and what’s to look forward to next WMX season.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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