Sara Garcia heads to FIM Baja World Cup Final Round – Baja Portalegre 2020 November 5-7th

Sara Garcia heads to FIM Baja World Cup Final Round – Baja Portalegre 2020 November 5-7th

Sara Garcia heads to FIM Baja World Cup Final Round- Baja Portalegre 2020 this weekend in preparation for racing Dakar Rally Original by Motul class in January 2021. Having endured changes of schedules, adjustments to training and uncertainties of ‘when racing will go ahead’, Sara as always remains mentally prepared for 2 day event.

Sara Garcia FIM Baja World Championship Round One, Portugal Photo Credit: FIM

With Round One Baja du Pinhall taking place 7 weeks prior on September 19-20th, Sara has clocked up extra training time to make push from current standings of 2nd Overall from leader Janaina Aparecida. Take fact that Garcia gained additional knowledge of racing the unfamiliar terrain, timing in special stages will be crucial to overall results.

Sara:  ‘I will focus on three abilities- mental, physical and technical aspect during racing but, most important in Motul by Original category it is mental one’.

‘Baja Portalegre will help me prepare for Dakar 2021 training because there is a 330 km special stage. I will try to stay focused in my mind and try to fight against any loss of concentration’.

With multiple changes of schedule occurring due to COVID-19 pandemic, Baja World Cup Round 3 was to have taken place in Dubai, and has since been cancelled. With determined effort on part of organizers from Automobile Club of Portugal, the 34th edition of Baja Portalegre 500 will run with safety and health restrictions in place.

After Prologue on Friday, Bikes will race total of 546.18 kms of which 420kms will be timed. Up-dates of results to come.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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