Shana van der Vlist nailed solid 5-5 result at WMX Round 3 at Loket

Shana van der Vlist nailed solid 5-5 result at WMX Round 3 at Loket

Shana van der Vlist nailed solid 5-5 at Women MX World Championship Round 3 at Loket last weekend, cementing Overall standings of 5th with 2 Rounds to go.

Shana van der Vlist WMX Round 3 at MXGP of Loket Photo Credit: MXGP

Posting 6th fastest lap in Timed Practice, Shana has ramped up her game, making consistency #188’s trade-mark finishing WMX Round 1 at Valkenswaard in 5th,  Round 2 at Agueda 8th and Round 3 at Czech Republic 5th.

#188: ‘The practices went well and my focus for the race was take a good start and hold on. I deciced to pick a gate in the middle of the start field, because it seemed good for me. My start was really good, coming 5th out of the first corner’.

Having gained extra race-time competing in EMX Women MX Championship Series in between WMX Rounds, Shana showed re-newed sense of confidence and ease tackling all important starts at Loket, known for hard-pack track with jumps and changes of elevation.

#188: ‘I do really like the lay-out of the track in Loket. I had already been there a couples of times and I enjoyed riding the track. The hard-pack ground is a bit different from the ones in Holland and during the free practice I was trying to get comfortable with that’.

Shana van der Vlist WMX Round 3 Photo Credit: Eric Laurijssen

Adjusting to track surface, feeling comfortable with not just speed during racing but also the whole GP happenings is quite different level to racing National Championship Series. But, experience breeds self-belief, and nothing sure of pushing riders boundaries on what they are actually capable of achieving come racing at GP’s.

#188: ‘In the first moto I was struggling a lot. After my good start, I already lost 3 positions in the first couple of laps. I couldn’t find my rhythm and speed, which I was frustrated about. I knew I could do a lot better’.

‘My second race was much better. I started in 8th place and could make some passes at the beginning of the race. I felt more comfortable and my speed was much better. I was closing the gap to P4 at the end of the race and that gave me a good feeling’.

Proving, Shana, along with young talented WMX riders take-out plenty racing at World MX Championship level. Goals are within reach, race-craft develops, learning curves build ambitions and passion drives riders perseverence to achieve successful results on the track.

#188: ‘I think the WMX series is really good at the moment. A lot of fast girls and that is good for the sport. I like to race against fast girls, that’s the way I can get stronger and faster. When you do well in this field of riders, you have a lot of satisfaction!’

Words: Sharon Cox.

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