Spain’s Women in Motorsport Part Two

Spain’s Women in Motorsport Part Two

Spain’s Women in Motorsport Part Two identifies driver’s and racers who continually shift the goal-posts to achieve upward trajectory of their racing careers. Not willing to settle on perfecting skills within one discipline or Championship, these women act decisively in response to changing Motorsport conditions.

Belen Garcia F4 Spanish Championship podium in 2019, currently competing in WSeries Image: WSeries

Results remain on paper, Championship Titles are on record, and Team alliances are pledged, yet, rider’s such as Ana Carrasco and Maria Herrera, driver’s such as Belen Garcia, Nerea Marti and Marta Garcia, along with multi-discipline athlete Monica Plaza are ever present in planning how to achieve long-term goals.

Not even amidst great uncertainty of COVID, which literally stymied all sponsorship for racing, have these women backed down in navigating the realms of possibility to race. Bravely facing adversity, not only did Spain’s Women in Motorsport attack and re-hash plans to race post COVID pandemic, many upped the ante and switched decisions on which Championships to race.

Spanish rider Ana Carrasco has long list of accomplishments on track, starting with debut entry in 2013 through to 2015 in Moto3 followed by switch to Supersport 300 World Championship in 2017 through to 2021 – which resulted in first female to win the WSBK SSP300 Title in 2018. Sustaining back injury in 2020 meant stepping back for recovery – which was arduous process – to racing with vengeance and winning 2021 WSBK SSP300 Race 2 at Misano, Italy. The opportunity to return to Moto3 for 2022 season with BOE SKX Team highlights how tenacious Ana is, when goals are to be realized.

Monica Plaza competing along-side her father Manuel Plaza 2021 and 2022 Image: ASO

Maria Herrera has equivalent strength of character making debut entry in Moto3 in 2013 through to 2017 before making switch to compete in WSBK SSP300 in 2018, followed by racing WSBK SSP 600 category in 2019 – 2021. Not content to stay within comfort zone of traditionally fuel injected bikes, Maria embraced opportunity to compete in MotoE World Cup from 2019 through to present day with OpenBank Aspar Team.

Spearheading the only father – daughter Team of driver and co-driver, Monica Plaza has extended her portfolio racing The Dakar Rally in Car category in 2021 and 2022. Agile in mind, and tenacious in spirit, Monica holds principles of what matters most in high regard, racing along-side her father as well as accomplishing top results in cycling events back home in Spain.

Notwithstanding the amazing initiative of the all female F3 Championship, WSeries – equally amazing has been the selection of 3 Spanish driver’s: Belen Garcia, Nerea Marti, and Marta Garcia. All 3 women have achieved continual momentum in their respective single-seater racing careers, and all have proved skillfully adaptable at racing the initial 6 Round Series – now 8 – with current standings of: Nerea 5th Overall, Belen 6th and Marta 10th over 2 Rounds.

Maria Herrara 2022 MotoE World Cup Image: OpenBank Aspar Team

Having forged their race-craft skills through Karting, followed by competing F4 Spanish Championships, Belen, Nerea and Marta make most of opportunities to gain valuable knowledge, race time, along with exposure racing WSeries at selected Formula One Grand Prix’s. Yes, stakes are high, points oh-so-important, and competition remains fierce on track. Yet, all Spanish Women above have unique ability to act decisively and pivot – making goals a reality no matter what the odds.

Header photo: Ana Carrasco 2022 Moto3 Image: BOE SKX Team

Words: Sharon Cox.


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