Team Honda 114 Motorsports celebrates Martine Hughes debut podium in WMX Opening Round at Mantova

Team Honda 114 Motorsports celebrates Martine Hughes debut podium in WMX Opening Round at Mantova

Team Honda 114 Motorsports celebrates Martine Hughes debut podium in WMX Opening Round at Mantova on March 6, marking significant milestone for the Team’s owner 2x WMX Champion, Livia Lancelot. Martine not only stepped up to the plate to race, for the first time, the best women motocross riders in the world, but delivered stellar 5-3 result to finish 3rd step of the podium overall.

Martine Hughes WMX Round One Team Honda 114 Motorsports Image: MXGP

Quick to make her presence known on the track, Martine clocked 2nd in Qualifying, mere 0.610 seconds behind GP winner Nancy Van Ven, followed by 3rd best lap time in Race 2, at 2.06.976. Impressive indeed. Even more so, rare in the realm of racing the WMX Championship on debut entry.

What comes to mind are the factors which have influenced such results, making a 17 year old female from Norway hold enough self-belief and confidence in her ability to race WMX, along with knowledge that the Team and supporters have her back no matter what happens on track.

Bring in Livia Lancelot. From founding Team Honda 114 Motorsports in 2018 with riders Lawrence Hunter and Bas Vaessen in MX2, to 4 rider line-up in 2022: Ruben Fernandez-MXGP, Hakon Fredriksen– MX2, Tahlia O’Hare and Martine Hughes- WMX, the sole female Team owner in MXGP has established mighty credibility within the sport.

For Livia, Team management had been developed way back when operating her own Team racing WMX. Over span of 9 years competing in Women Motocross World Championship, Livia fought for every victory, knowing that hard work, determination and being surrounded by supportive people were key elements for success on and off the track. For Livia, experiencing all that it took to win 2x WMX Championships in 2008 and 2016, along with 3x Vice WMX Championships in 2010, 2015 and 2017 has been key to leading her Team and riders to successful results at the track.

Livia Lancelot with WMX rider Tahlia O’Hare Image: thibaultphotography

Always with eyes on the prize, on what is happening within the sport and who has the marks of attaining success on the world MX stage, Livia shares her thoughts on how Martine delivered top result at WMX Round One.

Livia: ‘Yes we had great result and I’m really happy for Martine’s first podium. Her agent and trainer from National Federation in Norway contacted me saying that she wanted to enter in a professional team for 2022. I already knew about her as I’m following all the results of women everywhere. It took us a few months to organize everything as she was only 16 when we started talking!

‘I have been saying for years, young girls are missing in this Championship! For example Larissa Papenmeier was with me the first year of this Championship in 2005, and she is still fighting for podiums-  in MXGP and MX2 this doesn’t exist. The only reason is because young girls don’t work hard enough generally, they think it is easy! They don’t realize what it costs to be World Champion. Larissa, Kiara, they are hard workers! If you want to beat them you need to be dedicated! Martine is!’

And dedication to what Livia’s loves the most has not been side-lined since the helmet and boots were hung up on retiring from WMX racing at end of 2017. In fact, Livia’s passion to nurture talented riders- to realize their dreams and goals of success in World Motocross Championships is the most important part of her busy 24/7 schedule.

Livia: ‘On race weekend, I spend my day in the pitlane, starting at 7.50 with free practice WMX. I almost don’t find the time to eat. I run from the pit to the team to talk with the riders, run back to the gate etc… I’m also with them at the track during the week most of the time, when I haven’t too much work with the Team. But I love it, I mean when I see them giving everything to achieve their goal, I’m happy to give everything as well!

2022 MXGP results for Team Honda 114 Motorsports: MXGP Ruben Fernandez 7th Overall after 2 Rounds                                                                                                                                                                  MX2 Hakon Fredriksen 12th Overall after 2 Rounds                                                                                                                                                                    WMX Martine Hughes 3rd Overall Round One                                                                                                                                                                            WMX Tahlia O’Hare 11th Overall Round One

Header photo Martine Hughes Image: thibaultphotography

Words: Sharon Cox.

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