WeRaceAsOne: Formula One makes changes in sustainability, equality and community.

WeRaceAsOne: Formula One makes changes in sustainability, equality and community.

WeRaceAsOne platform marks significant step forward for Formula One enterprise whose commitment to foster change on issues facing the sport, communities and cultures around the world has put strategies into action on and off the track.

WeRaceAsOne taking knee against Racism F1 2020 Photo Credit: Motorsport.com images.

Initiated through regulating how sustainable Formula One racing would be in the future, coupled with ethical principles of embracing inclusivity and diversity in the sport, F1 Governance board has raised the bar on putting in place practices which send specific message to global community that change needs to happen for a better future.

As seen in 2020, initiated by 7x F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, taking a stand against racism prior to start of Formula One Race sent message loud and clear – social inequality, racial injustice and unequal opportunities are not just façades, these issues are part of every day life around the globe.

Such straight up actions has never been seen before on a track, never been included in Media coverage and never been taken seriously that sport athletes could deliver such strong statements for change. Equally, the melding of confrontational topics inclusive of race, rights and gender within a Motorsport event speaks volumes on where Formula One Governance aims to progress in years to come.

As recently stated, three pillars exist on where change will occur within the sport: sustainability, inclusivity and diversity and community. Outlined regulations on sustainability are- ‘Set a clear path towards sustainably fueled hybrid engines as well as reducing the amount of single-use plastic in the paddock, and alter freight methods, as well as switching to remote operations in some cases to eliminate the amount of freight being taken to races’. 

STEM programme through F1 in schools inspiring students to study Science subjects Photo Credit: Create Digital.

Inclusivity and Diversity: ‘”Roll out internships and apprenticeships within Formula 1 for under-represented groups to provide access to a promising career in the sport, as well as funding scholarships for talented engineering students from diverse and underprivileged backgrounds with work experience opportunities at F1 and the Teams during their studies'”.

Gender balance: ‘”F1 will include W Series among its support series at eight Grands Prix this year, 2021 and has included a growth in awareness of the category'”. References F1.

From small steps to huge strides, Formula One with Lewis Hamilton acts as front-runner for making what matters count as much on the track as off. No longer does F1 sporting authority retain such powerful traditions for the sake of it, rather the corporate utilizes power to bring about change in the lives of people around the world. Now that, is change in itself.

Header Photo: WeAreAsOne Motorsport.com images. Words: Sharon Cox.

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