Where is the sweet spot of success on and off the track at Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix?

Where is the sweet spot of success on and off the track at Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix?

Where is the sweet spot of success on and off the track at Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix? Definitely, the pendulum swung between ecstasy for Red Bull racing driver Max Verstappen on taking the win at Baku with fellow-Team driver driver Sergio Perez claiming P2 on the podium. On the other end of the swing, were Ferrari driver’s Charles Leclerc and Team driver Carlos Sainz processing utter disappointment on dealing with forced DNF’s due to their car’s mechanical failure.

Formula One Aberzaijan Grand Prix podium: Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, George Russell. Image: Pirelli

The sweet spot in the middle, were driver’s who capitalized on Ferrari’s exit, including Red Bull whose race tactics were to seal victory as opposed to pushing for maximum car performance to the final flag. Mercedes were equally aware of making most of race opportunities when presented, with George Russell claiming P3 ahead of team-driver Lewis Hamilton, whose go-to-place was digging deep to deal with the car’s extreme bouncing through-out the race.

All of which re-defines the recipe of success. For Red Bull, the sweet spot relied on perfecting race strategies within super-well coordinated Team set-up, as already proved with Verstappen claiming 5 wins from 8 Rounds. Driver/Team relations leaves no data unchecked, all within new parameters of racing aero-dynamic cars under budget caps.

For Mercedes, reactions to actions on track have proved formidable ally, ensuring Russell has recorded top 5 places in every 2022 F1 GP, and Hamilton provides the glue to keep eyes on the prize no matter what challenges are incurred through-out the season.

No denying, driver/Team actions, reactions and decision making are core principles on how to achieve best possible results on track, with any sway from mind-set precipitating retreat to pits. With so much at stake, driver/Team relations hold the key to unlocking how results are attained, ultimately tapping into the illusive sweet spot at any given chance. Given knowledge gained from previous victories aids driver/Team decision making for what comes next, implementation of decisions at new race circuit with new sets of tyres ultimately sorts who comes out on top and who remains below.

Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix Carlos Sainz currently standing 5th in Championship Image: Pirelli

Disappointment on the other hand can eat away at driver/Team spirit, rendering confidence to re-group to fix what isn’t working an ominous task. Questions arise, new challenges provoke response and decisions need to made in relatively quick turn around of time before the next race. And, there are no guarantees that finding the sweet spot will be a hit, given racing on varied track circuits accompanied by fluctuations of temperature leaves no room for error.

From either side of pendulum, success depends on drivers/Teams exercising best possible character traits to deliver high end results from current standings. By tasting victory or swallowing defeat, by implementing race strategies or succumbing to mistakes, the sweet spot of success contains all the ingredients of testing the world’s best Formula One drivers and Teams to their limit in the pursuance of taking the win.

Header Photo: Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Image: Pirelli.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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