Women competing in Motorsport 2021- FIM and FIA Federations.

Women competing in Motorsport 2021- FIM and FIA Federations.

Women competing in Motorsport 2021 race under FIM Motorcycling and FIA Motorsport Federations. The 2 umbrellas of Motorsport cover disciplines defined by racing motorcycles both dirt and road (FIM) and motor car, including Formula racing (FIA). Both Federations provide governance over racing events since established in 1904.

Kiara Fontanesi WMX Champion 6x Photo Credit: Alex Piantanida Italian WMX Championship 2021.

FIM and FIA have advanced World Championship status for Women over past decades, setting precedent for growth in respective disciplines along with recognition of female talent in Motorsport. FIM Women Motocross World Championship gained leverage to compete at premier World MX Championship from 2007 > along with FIA gaining recent confirmation to run F3 WSeries within selected Formula One Rounds.

FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission provides support, promotion, and development of initiatives which encourage talented, young, females to take up riding at any level. Motocross is popular form of gathering family for weekend ride on tracks nearby, right through to competing at International level.

Side-way move from learning riding skills on dirt track, has been growth of women competing in America’s Grand National Cross-Country Series, paving pathway for professional careers amongst top women. FIM World Women Trials heralds group of technically trained females competing for top honours, with few taking riding a bike to the ultimate level, racing FIM Hard Enduro World Championship.

Camelia Liparoti and Annett Fischer Dakar Rally 2021 Photo Credit: ASO

Women racing The Dakar Rally enter under Bike, Car, SSV, and Truck with further breakdown of class sections within categories. While The Dakar originates under FIA Federation, female competitors have received acclaimed recognition within Women’s category- despite fact that out of total 322 entries for 43rd Edition 2021, mere 14 were Women.

FIA Women Motorsport Commission has raised bar for promoting girls on track through Karting initiatives, supporting females racing GT and DMT Series, along with actioning programmes to improve driver performance in F4 and F3 WSeries Championship. Racing career pathways have been established via collaborative initiatives between WIMC and world renown Brand Ferrari, whereby recent placement of up-coming talented F4 driver Maya Weug became first female under Ferrari Driver Academy.

Seeking overall objectives of making opportunities available for women to race, FIA has generated change within the Federation and outside – on the track. Making Women inclusive to Motorsport racing, while at same time creating diversity within the sport not only enables future growth for equally talented women to pursue their racing goals, but also sends strong message that Federations can enact change for the benefits of racers to whom they govern. Now, that is quite remarkable, within 117 year history of FIA.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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