Women in Motorsport Magazine

Women in Motorsport Magazine

MXLink presents first ever proposed Women in Motorsport Magazine featuring articles on riders, racers and drivers competing in various Motorsport disciplines. The first ever global/print hard copy on the world’s stellar female athletes remains pivotal to display sources of passion, determination and strength of character which drive these Women to achieve success in their chosen sport.

Women in Motorsport sample Front Cover. Image Jordan Jarvis.




























Having covered, promoted and raised awareness of Women competing in varying Motorsport disciplines for 10 plus years, reaching unprecedented growth of 1 million online views in 2019 and 2020, timing remains of essence to extend profile of Women in print media magazine/annual publication.

The style, visual presentation and attention to narrative detail within the magazine content will provide readers within sporting community and general public insight on the experiences these Women have gained during their careers in respective Motorsport disciplines.

Women  in Motorsport magazine layout will comprise of ‘Feature Articles’ on Women across 3 Motorsport disciplines: Women MX World Championship, Dakar Rally and Formula 3. These stories will be 4-6-page spread.  Section on ‘Insight Articles’ on each discipline will provide readers background information of sport to present day.

‘Up-close to rising talent’ section will cover women whose passion, drive and commitment to race has opened opportunities to further their careers. These stories will be 1-2-page spread. Other smaller sections will include ‘Health and Well Being’ for athletes sourced from varying product Brands around the world.

The remaining content would be inclusive of advertisements, promotions and Motorsport organization profiles ranging from 1-2-page spread down to smaller spaces.

Having established communications with many Women competing in Motorsport around the world, the distribution of the magazine would be reflective on the diversity of regions the Women live in. ‘Women in Motorsport’ magazine will rest on authenticity of delivering intelligent, creative and ‘new’ content in format that promotes longevity in print form.

The above image is sample of Front Cover and below sample 4 page spread on Feature Article: Avalon Biddle.

All enquiries for inclusive promotion within Women in Motorsport Magazine can be sent to: sharoncox@xtra.co.nz My thanks to all women who have helped with progress to date.

Words: Sharon Cox.

Women in Motorsport sample Feature article




Women in Motorsport sample Feature article 4 page spread.                                       Photo Credits: Mad Love Media and MXLink/James Bennell









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