Women MX World Champion 2016 Livia Lancelot- remarkable turn in history for Kawasaki Europe

Women MX World Champion 2016 Livia Lancelot- remarkable turn in history for Kawasaki Europe

Livia Lancelot won Women’s Motocross World Championship Title in 2016, 8 long years after winning her first place in FIM World MX Champions history claiming the coveted WMX Championship in 2008.

Livia Lancelot 2016 WMX Champion Photo Credit: FIM Awards

2016 was exceptional year for Livia, proving her strength of character, race-craft, skill and experience to win under pressure from Dutch rival Nancy van de Ven, Italian Kiara Fontanesi and new WMX-debutante NZ’der Courtney Duncan.

Taking double race wins in Germany, Race 2 win in France and Race 2 win at MXGP of Switzerland, Lancelot displayed almighty presence amongst fired up WMX class, over-come by Kiwi sensation Duncan’s 1-1 victory at WMX Opening Round in Qatar.

Having established Team 114, Lancelot capped off an amazing career racing on Kawasaki to win both WMX Titles, all the while sealing the French woman’s special place in MXGP/WMX history.

Upon announcement of Livia’s retirement at end of 2017 WMX season, Team 114 Owner secured position as Team Manager/Owner of Team Honda 114 Motorsports with riders Hunter Lawrence and Bas Vaessen. With debut MX2 season locked in banks of experience, Livia signed Australian Mitch Evans and Zachery Pichon MX2 2019, with Evans securing podiums in ‘019 and Zachery gaining experience against the elite 250cc class.

Courtney Duncan WMX of Italy Photo Credit: MXGP

Fittingly, 2019 has unique moment in Kawasaki Europe history, with NZ’der Courtney Duncan lining up in WMX Final Round this weekend, ready to claim Women MX World Championship victory for the very first time.

On the eve of 3 WMX Championship Titles for Kawasaki it is rare feat indeed. And, importantly makes the evolvement of the sport so unique. With such close relationships locked together over the years/decades between Brands, Team Managers, riders, crew, not just one generation but many, special moments in the sport’s history are to be celebrated, for certain.

I attended WMX Final Round at Assen in 2016, capturing Livia’s Women MX World Championship Title win. In unique moment, Courtney came over to congratulate Livia on Title win, making for special place in everyone’s memory bank.

WMX Final Round: Livia Lancelot WMX Champion 2008 and 2016- Assen

Words: Sharon Cox.





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