Women showing their strength in Dakar Rally Stage 2- duo Camelia Liparoti and Annett Fischer gaining momentum

Women showing their strength in Dakar Rally Stage 2- duo Camelia Liparoti and Annett Fischer gaining momentum

Women racing Dakar Rally Stage 2 have shown real strength confronting 2nd leg of 12 Bisha-to-Wadi Ad-Dawasir. With long special of 457kms after racing 228kms in liaison, Women across all categories showed sheer determination to make improvements where necessary and results proved super positive for all.

Sara Garcia Dakar Rally Motul by Originals category ‘Unassisted’ Photo Sara.

It was Light-weight protoype racing duo Camelia Liparoti and Annett Fischer who made real head-way racing over their much loved sand dunes in time of 5 hours 28′ and 50 seconds. Coming in 5th Overall, the Yamaha Powered X Raid Team pair have gained massive amount of momentum heading into Stage 3 tomorrow.

Camelia: ‘Everything went well, Annett and I are very satisfied. Today there were dunes and sand on the program, also fast, sandy passages. The stage was very long and it was important to stay focused the whole time. The X-raid Yamaha ran very well and without any problems.”

Previous day winner Cristina Guteirrez and co-pilot Francois Cazalet sustained pressure through-out Stage 2 finishing 2nd place holding commanding top spot on leader board Overall- 17 minutes ahead of 2nd place.

Toughest challenge facing Sara Garcia has to be getting back to bivouac after long day racing, then having to spend time on bike maintenance, and all other necessities before racing the following day. Damn, it would be hard not to think about rest, shower, catch-up on Media up-dates, eat, then relax before sleep- while pushing the limit on checking this-that-and everything else. Finishing 2nd leg in 59th place – in 6 hours 8′ and 6 seconds is truly remarkable!

Taye Perry and Bryam Baragwanath Dakar Rally Stage 2 Photo Credit: Antonin Vincent

Sara: ‘Long, long stage, the last 30kms seemed eternal. We have had alot of types of terrain, mostly sand, some dunes, a lot of sand rivers, super fast, many areas between canyons. The truth is I had a great time, I found my rhythm, I found myself comfortable in the dunes again, so great’. 

Laia Sanz held great race performance finishing Stage 2 special in 23rd place. Rookies Audrey Fossat completed timed section in 84th position while Sara Jugla had super long day out there, total of 11 hours, 49′ and 36 seconds to finish in 93rd place.

Car category duo of Taye Perry and Bryan Baragwanath encountered minor set-back early on in sand-dune belt, with Taye remarking ‘how to bury your Nav 😅‘. It really is amazing how Taye rises to any problems that occur, always remaining super positive and if anything, any challenges prove a blessing as Taye gets out ‘all mighty fighting spirit’ to race for the win.

Equally, Monica Plaza and driver Manolo Plaza are pulling out all known experience standing 13th on table board with a time of 5 hours, 31′ and 26 seconds completed over 2nd Stage. Still waiting on news about Polaris RZR Factory Team driver Kristen Matlock who made it to the finish though well outside race-time. Up-date to follow.

Dakar Rally Stage 3 January 5th Wadi Ad-Dawasir > Wadi Ad-Dawasir Liaison 227kms and Special 403kms.

Header photo: Camelia Liparoti and Annett Fischer Credit: X Raid. Words: Sharon Cox.


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